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What is the "Smart Grid"? It is Our Total Destruction and YOU Must Fight it.

Utah Freedom Coalition
Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

End Slide with calls to action is partially sourced from the Gateway Pundit article, along eith several other slides:

The Smart Grid has been touched on slightly in our digital takeover series but here we highlight some pieces in more detail. Keep in mind this is just a quick rundown. The surveillance state rolls into this as well because they must have 5g/6g reach in order to force a full digital migration.

The solutions to this are simple yet hard. WE MUST GIVE UP OUR CONVENIENCE. We must stop participating in their digital nightmare. WE MUST VALUE FREEDOM OVER SAFETY, SECURITY AND CONVENIENCE.

We may do a follow up that focuses purely on the surveillance portion. Let us know if you'd like that.


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