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What is Electricity? The motion of electrons and relation to Newton's laws by Jeff Yee

The Human Collective
Published on 16 Sep 2022 / In Science

Electricity is the flow of charged particles, such as #electrons in a wire. This motion of electrons can be used to power things... but what is it really? How can the motion of electrons be converted to turn on a light bulb, or play sound from a stereo, or lift a person in an elevator?

This video explores the motion of a single particle and applies #Newton's laws of motion to an electron. By thinking about particles in a classical sense, Newton's 2nd law of motion can be related to #Ohm's law for #electricity. The #quantum worlds and #classical worlds converge, giving us a better understanding of how electrical power can be transferred to other types of systems.

Additional mysteries of the universe explained with simple science can be found at:

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