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What Happened To The Israelites?

bodhi_mantra - 162 Views
Published on 30 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Who are the modern European people and where did they come from?

The following is a list which undoubtedly proves the ancient lsraelites were white. That the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic European people today are in fact the true and only descendants of lsrael who inherited all the promises made to our forefathers. That virtually all of the Bible Prophecies are centered around the modern white race today spread through out the whole world.

The list contains a mixture of scripture, bible verses both old and new testament and also historical study.

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Proofs List
- The Saxons meaning
- The 10 commandments
- America Flag's 13 stripes
- To spread across the whole world
- To be known as Christians
- New home to be northwest
- Meaning of the name Adam
- Christ sent the Apostles where
- Who spread the Gospel?
- A new language

- Paul's Letters were to Europeans
- The Abrahamic Covenant
- Jesus's appearance
- America the only Christian nation
- To Transform Desserts
- To control the seas
- All inventions
- To be flooded
- Union Jack = Union of Jacob
- Traditional English names.

- Paganism the Lost Sheep
- The Greek migrations
- An elect race
- Divorced and dispersed
- Kings David and Solomon
- Early European Nations
- The Phoenicians
- America the Eagle
- Christian Churches worldwide
- Nations of agricultural

- Indistinguishable from Greeks
- Romans were Trojans
- Spartan letter to Judeans
- Jude's letter opening
- Would keep the Sabbath
- Noah's son appearance
- Would all praise Christ
- Declaration of Arbroath
- Chief amongst the nations
- Revelations 1000 year reign

- All Heathen Nations aligned
- Further away stronger they became
- Great Britain the Commonwealth
- America a Great nation
- Dan a viper's trail
- Tribe symbols on flags
- Tribe symbols in surnames
- 3 Lions everywhere
- 3 Kings Prophecy
- The British Coat of Arms

- Daniel's 5 Empires
- To be recombined
- Paul accused
- Wealth of the earth
- Always be a Monarch
- Japheth and Shem
- Wild Olive Tree
- The British Flag
- To be a blessing
- To be blind

- Blessed or judged
- Gentiles correct meaning
- To be kind to the poor
- The meaning of Britain
- Name to be "Great"
- Daniel's people of the Prince
- A new covenant to be made
- Justice and judgment
- To lose a colony then expand
- Home to be invincible

- Every people coming
- Revelation 2 Witnesses
- Rich fertile promised land
- The Old Irish Flag
- European Pagan Gods
- God's battle axe
- Egyptian mummies appearance
- The population of the wilderness
- Recognized by their fruit
- DNA of Europeans

- Josephus's 10 Tribes
- New Testament in Greek
- Common mistranslations
- A maritime people
- Rev fall of Rome
- To be separated
- In God we trust
- Graveyards Crosses
- Who is Christ saving
- Time of Jacob's trouble

- Ancient Druids
- Artwork of Christ
- Stone Henges
- To darken
- The kilts
- Welsh IS Hebrew.
- The Cubit measurement
- To rule over others
- 7 times punishment
- Must fulfill all prophecy

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cterry 2 months ago

Thank you for posting this!

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bodhi_mantra 2 months ago

It isnt perfect, there are a few ridiculous claims/mistakes he makes but the parts that are well researched and correct are worth the watch

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Can WAMU claim CHASE Bank now that it is defunct???

A pretty pretentious Question you might say when you know WAMU went under in the 2008 Plandemic of STOCKS and BONDS Failure where at that time the U.S. Checking Account only owed The U.S. FLAG Federal Reserve some $18 Trillion Dollars, and now in the year of our Lord 2020 A.D. The U.S. MILITARY FLAG “owes” the U.S. FLAG Federal Reserve almost $30,000,000,000,000.00??? I mean that is a lot of U.S. Citizens TAXES saying We are a Broke Ass U.S. FLAG Government Military FREE MASONIC Religion……., so is it any wonder the U.N. FLAGS have sold off all their “U.S. Bonds” and Ink on Paper Federal Dollars for the MADE IN CHINA new Digital WeChat Bitcoin YUAN Monetary System???

You see my nonmason U.S. Citizens, when I was born way back in 1965, the U.S. National Debt to the U.N. FLAG WTO and IMF “World Bank” that owns All CENTRAL BANKS including the U.S. FLAG of the U.N. IMF that all CENTRAL BANKS “are owned” by the U.N. WHO whom do Population Control of all NONMASON Humans in this Celestial Sphere, and if you ain’t a FREE MASON American Citizen, then your U.S. Citizenship is “Worthless” cause that FREE MASON Lodge in your home town is the C.O.P.S., The School Board, The City Council, The Mayor, The Judges, the Whatever runs your Capital “Citizens” Cities no matter what U.N. FLAG you were born under on this Duel FLAT EARTH of As Above / So Below 2 sided planet…

What does this matter to we the “nonmason” Citizens of our Countries Flags??? It means if you are not a MASON, you will never be allowed A Position of AUTHORITY be it Presidential to Corporate Warfare too MADE IN CHINA becoming the NEW WORLD ORDER “Yuan” Monetary Empire where the U.S. Flag is just a Patsy Military to the “U.N. Troops” known as The World Police of PEACEKEEPER Troops in all nations with U.S. Military Bases of these U.N. Occupying Forces in and on your “Home Lands” from the Middle East to Canada – England – The E.U. Slave States, and of Course Africa and South America too all “Asians” from Korea to Japan to India and Pakistan as China has Way More “U.N. Troops” in the U.N. Military EMPIRE then the USA freemason lodge members do, and they are all MASONS whom kill: we the nonmason Populations in their WAR IS MURDER “War Games” planned out by the U.N. Security Council on JADE HELM 15 Human Depopulation…

So what was the Purpose of the Original Statement??? When A FLAG is no longer the FLAG of a NATIONAL CORPORATION as in the Backwards “Black and White” U.S. Flag put on all U.S. Military Troops….., it is not the Same “War Flag” that was Used in World War One, Two, The Korean War, and Vietnam, but now we have a BACKWARDS “Red White and Blue” that makes we U.S. Citizens be we freemason or not subjects’ of this (COVID19) U.N. {NEWS} World Order where all U.N. FLAGS have to give Human Children to serve, and die, and kill “other humans” for the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of FREE MASON Lodges at WAR IS MURDER with all we nonmason human populations…..., and oh yeah, CHINA has not ANY Rights to [Any Land] after they LOST WORLD WAR TWO for the “Ming Dynasty” is long gone under the NEW NORMAL: Peoples Republic of China where Family Blood Lines are suppose to matter “no more” in MADE IN CHINA…

Johnny Exodice

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