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What GOD did for you... + Music. ( Made with Clipchamp (1) mp4.)

Jean Schoonbroodt
Jean Schoonbroodt - 275 Views
Published on 03 Jan 2023 / In Technology


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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 3 months ago

I realize that there are many wolves in sheep's clothing. And while I like to believe that you did not just go out of your way to delete my comment 'covertly' by reposting this same video, I suppose that I shall find out soon enough if this happens a second time, and I'll get a very clear picture of you in the mix:

REPOST: While I certainly do 'get' & appreciate the overall message, I wish to clarify something relative to the image seen at 00:24, which shows an image of an otherwise beautiful German woman, collapsed to the ground in grief, with a skull on the ground of a vaporized once living soul in front of her, as ruins of (I believe) Dresden are smoldering in the background. Before I set forth another word, here is WEBSTER'S definition of 'holocaust' as of 1828 - obviously MANY years before National Socialism was even an idea in anyone's mind:

[BEGIN] HOL'OCAUST, noun [Gr. whole, and burnt, to burn.] A burnt-sacrifice or offering, the whole of which was consumed by fire; a SPECIES OF SACRIFICE IN USE AMONG THE JEWS... [END]

Now, back to the image at 00:24, although the caption correctly reads, "GODLESSNESS LEADS TO..." I am stating plainly that Godless was NOT on the part of the German people. It was GODLESS JEWS and those in league with 'them' who DID carry out a HOLOCAUST but with MILLIONS of Germans as the ACTUAL victims -- a TRUTH which is readily apparent to anyone with an IQ higher than a bedroom slipper, and who seeks/speaks TRUTH, possesses intellectual honesty & exercises their God-given DISCERNMENT. That is all that I wished to add, and I thank you for having taken the time to consider it.

Ironically, the ONLY jews apparently 'burnt up' were themselves victims of 'Allied' bombs, which of course were later lied about and blamed on the Germans...yet another act of Godlessness to further cover the many prior acts of Godlessness and reckless disregard for human life, who even detest it.

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