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PPN World News - 28 May 2022
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What a World With a Dome, Blue Sky, NASA Fails, ISS, Education System, Pre-programmed Life

Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis - 370 Views
Published on 30 Dec 2021 / In Science

What they are doing? What we are doing? What it's going on? Some things to remember. Some questions. Are these people really floating on ISS? They have tried to break the dome? Operation Fishbowl. The blue sky resembles the waters above the dome? High altitude balloon show small & close Sun? Footage of rocket hitting the dome of the Earth? NASA Fail Compilation? See how easy is to fake the ISS? The truth is stranger than fiction? We went or not to the Moon? Buzz Aldrin talks. Footage of our beautiful Earth 20 miles up? NASA busted again? You owe us some explainings? Technological manipulation? NASA accidentally record their CGI? Venus footage? What about the public education system, what they are really doing? Were we born & live free or in bondage? How we are pre-programmed the first seven years of our lives?

I have put together these clips to help us find some answers.

Special thanks to the original creators of the clips as we explain below:

00:03:01 Are These People Really Floating? ISS - International Space Station Reality

0:07:21 They Have Tried To Break The Dome? The Firmament of The Earth? Operation Fishbowl

0:08:30 The Blue Sky Resembles The Waters Above The Dome? The Firmament?

0:12:24 High Altitude Balloon Show Small & Close Sun?

0:16:16 The Blue Sky Resembles The Waters Above The Dome?

0:18:06 Rare Footage of Rocket Hitting The Dome of The Earth?

0:20:10 NASA Fail Compilation - See How Easy is - ISS

0:29:21 The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Painting Light Years in Your Mind

0:33:07 We Went or Not To The Moon ??? Listen The Truth From Buzz Aldrin Himself

0:35:25 Time To Open Our Minds & Eyes - Footage of Our Beautiful Earth 20 Miles Up - Now We Are Free

0:39:16 Globe Earthers, You Owe Us Some Explainings

0:45:13 NASA Busted Again? Photo Expert Reveals

0:55:46 Technological Manipulation? NASA Accidentally Record Their CGI

1:00:20 Some Interesting Facts About The Stars and Planets - Venus Footage

1:04:58 The Truth About The Public Education System - What They Are Really Doing?

1:13:05 Were We Born & Live Free or in Bondage?

1:31:40 How We Are Pre-Programmed The First Seven Years of Our Lives - Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains

Legal Information

Note: The clips in this video are lincensed under Creative Commons Attribution license.

Sources of each video with links as we explain above.

The Lost History of Flat Earth Part 4 - The Sun in The Church

You can find the Part 1 here:

Part 2 here:

Part 3 here:

Mud Flood - Tartaria - Giants - Books - Skeletons - Megaliths - Foot Prints - Titans - Technology

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PPN World News - 28 May 2022
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