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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - July 1, 2022

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Published on 04 Jul 2022 / In Firearms

Daily Gun Show episode 1,335

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Each week we feature the best content out there that focuses on what our 2nd Amendment Protects

Another week with a lot to keep up with. Understanding everything important, to know what to really focus on, continues to be a challenge.

As the "anti-right" folks are loosing any support for their old initiatives, they rely on frustration from our side to weather away our resolve & attention

Here are the best things we found this week that focused on 2A issues:

Episode 097 | Supreme Court Wins, Congressional Betrayal
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
1.06K subs

1,000-ing of Locked & Loaded Latinos

BIANCHI V FROSH WAS GVR'd!!... Wait, What's That Mean?
@Firearms Policy Coalition
87.3K subs

Wednesday Night Live Chat #24 Special Guest Team Anvil
@Chris From The 740
1.23K subs

ATF Enforcement of New Private Sale Law
@Armed Attorneys
66.6K subs

Steve Dettelbach and David Chipman are one in the same
@Firearms Policy Coalition
87.1K subs

RSWC #148 Evan Nappen
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.37K subs

Storytelling, insight, and compelling perspective on Gun Law, Gun Rights, Culture, and Politics in America.

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #111: Pro-Gun or Pro-2A? (What's the difference?)
@Sandhills Media
2.06K subs

The Bullet (Weekend Edition) 6/25/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.09K subs
- Paul, Charlie cook, Tony Simon, and Beth Alcazar

Almost Nightly Firearms Expo #159 #2a #podcast #live #progun
@Guns N BBQ
1.25K subs

Take a Friend to the Range #12: Jaclyn
@D.M. Faas
1.24K subs

Wednesday Night Mouse Party #13

Cape Gun Works Live - Home of RapidFire
@Cape GunWorks
5.52K subs

Rapid Fire Radio Gear

2A Tuesday on GRACE CURLEY SHOW - JUNE 28, 2022

Gun Owners Radio (Live)
@Gun Owners Radio
2.41K subs

6/26: Michael Cargill’s Bumpstock Lawsuit Revived
@Come And Talk It
172 subs

From Delta Operator to Professional Mercenary | Dale Comstock | Ep. 151
@The Team House
47K subs

Green Beret Combat Experience | Aussie SASR | Talent War Group | Combat Story (Ep 80) Josh Johnson
@Combat Story
67K subs

Sharyn Hinchcliffe on 2A Activism in 2022

2A in Arizona = Daily Gun Show Episode 1,332

Gun Games & Firearms Fun = Tactical Quiz 14

Last Night, California D.O.J. made public gun owner's personal information
169K subs

2A Radio Hosts & Their Firearm Radio Shows

2A this week on IG = June 26, 2022
169K subs

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