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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 208 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In Health

Noted Cardiologist, Peter McCullough, returns to The Highwire to discuss new data on the dangerous side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine on the heart.

DISCLAIMER: Now days we can’t find the truth. Everyone is spinning, lying, giving disinfo, you name it, so all I can do is give you info I have found that is interesting and it’s up to you to decide if you want to believe it or not. We must take in all kinds of info and be discerning about it because we don’t know what is true...we don’t want to throw out something that might be true even tho we thought it wasn’t. Just do your own research and be discerning.

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proudusagirl01 2 months ago

They test for the flu since they've never isolated Covid-19. Which makes me wonder how they can tell there is a delta variant. They never isolated the virus but they use a test to show the damage of a solution does on monkey kidney cells then show the cellular debris as proof of the virus. So, they can use this method to claim an UNENDING! amount of variants. A lot of cancers and "viruses" are probably just different forms of parasites. Since the tests can’t differentiate between cold and flu and covid then doesn’t that mean ivermectin cures both the cold and the flu? Welcome to "they've been lying to us our entire lives about everything". Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

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MistyR 2 months ago

Miss Linda...while doing your research, f you happen to come across any info re: seizures or any neurological issues after the jabs, can you please send it my way? I have found it to be pretty much impossible to find anything about it. Yesterday, I did find something TITLED, "can covid 19 shot cause epilepsy?" But then it didn't mention one word about that...all it did was say, over and over, that it doesn't worsen epilepsy and the jabs are safe, safe, safe for everyone. It is absolute the most frustrating mess ever. Just makes me want to cry because the truth is being scrubbed from the whole world by the minute.

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 2 months ago

If I can remember, hun, you know me, I can't remember anything for more than a few moments. But, I will try. I don't think I've come across anything other than people who have had seizures due to the jab...but that's not much help to you because it's not documented as the jab causing it. I will keep my eyes open.

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