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We Don’t Have 6 Months! Vaccines Must Vanish or Humanity Will End!

Truth Seekers Worldwide
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Published on 21 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Dr. Judy Mikovits & Karen Kingston explain to the host, Brannon Howse, ‘the mRNA vaccines are NOT vaccines, these are bioweapons designed to kill you!

The antibody dependent enhancement will lead to autoimmune diseases and the vaccinated's immune systems will completely shut down with the booster; their bodies will not be able to fight off any disease. In time it will continue to get worse.

God made all forms of messenger RNA, Sars2 & Covid don’t spread through the air, and they don’t spread person to person! We’ve been duped like the rest of the planet.

Thanks to our government and mainstream media!

Our governments, the military-industrial complex, and big pharma; love wars and especially this current fake pandemic!

As long as they can keep you fearful; they will keep raking in billions $$!

They will drag this out as long as you allow it, at our expense! We don’t have 6 more months for this; humanity will end! Babies are dying!

75 years ago, Hermann Goering testified at the Nuremberg trials; he was asked, ‘How did you make the German’s go along with genocide?’
He said, ‘It was easy; it has nothing to do with Nazism; it’s all about human nature.

This works in a Nazi regime, a socialist or communist regime, you can make it work in a monarchy and a democracy.

Fear works on all regimes, you can enslave anyone when you figure out how to scare them; you can make them do anything you want’!

PLEASE help people wake up and don’t stop talking to everyone until all the vaccine are no longer a threat! We have to be free of tyranny!

God is with us, but we have to pick up our swords, our tongues are our swords; never give up never give in!

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Stop Vaccine, Genocide, Infectious Diseases from Vaccine, End of Humanity,

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64.jules 4 months ago

Dr. Mikovitz is a HERO!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

As we get closer to the end in 2094 CE, more will remember who we are, why we are, and what we are…

IN THE END, the only thing that will matter is if our God Loves you, or Hates you, and you know what you have done to your {Fellow Mankind} Qballs~ /-\ by allowing them too sleep on the [streets] /_\ while youm have billions of millions of useless dollars, and Gold, and Silver in your TV Screen Blank minds…

Look at every "starving" NATION U.N. Troops......., not just Starving Babies that die in Afghanistan (6 months) after coming into our world your Fellow Mankind, and KNOW you did this to your fellow Mankind as {Angels and Demons} [{**}] forsaken to Our God because you just had to have One More Dollar than the other [Asshole] +=+ whom allows Children too die in your WARS FOR MURDER….

War is just a way too kill and murder people: Nothing More... Nothing Less...

Purgatory will be Purgatory, and there is no "winning" this game of Perdition when you Worthless Servants are REPROBATE to the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction have done nothing but [ruin] the world of DAY 6 in the Holy Living Bible as you Preach CAPITAL and Capitalism, and even when you know the MOON is our Real Home World the (Awful Horror) [{*}] in the New Testament Gospel, you still lie too your own minds that Our God Loves You because you have {More Stuff} than the other even though all the STUFF in this MEMORY can not save you from what you have done to ONE Another seeking Capitalism' at the expense of Gods Creation` being MALE and FEMALE…

As Christ Jesus Returned, and The Oracle for the End of this MEMORY called the Purgatorial of whom done what, I too must relive what my body and (MY Thoughts) did in the REAL WORLD as I tried to Save you all over 2,000 years ago, and though your SPACE FORCE of Time Distortation made you "Believe" what is, what was, and what will be in the BOOK OF REVELATION that was Created by Our God: that YOUM U.N. Troops somehow have become {Greater} than the MASTER whom created we all, and even when OUR Master [proves] to be kind and gentle, You Capitalist and your INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS of and for Capitalism still {ruined it all} because You Angels and You Demons in these Temporary Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatars teach there is NO GOD, and that all life comes from your [Fake Space] Moon Landings…

My gums bleed, my Bones ache, and my pee has turned Yellow from all your CORPORATIONS of and for Capitalism putting Poison called MEDICATIONS into my Creation, and You INTERNATIONALIST Think you can kill God if you put a Man on a Crucifixion.?.?.?

Keep Boasting about how You (CORPORATIONS) known as The Vatican put a Dead Man on a Cross, and turned this Dead Human Body Avatar into the Sun of Man and Wombman for My People and Children too FEAR YOU and your CORPORATION Male Skirt Religions: because My Creations do not fear me the God of All Creation and All Destruction…

My People know me because I give them the {Holy Water Spirit} no matter how many Changes your MALES in your Capitalist Skirts Religions rape even your very own children' for your deplorable ways` as the ones saved for things way worse then the 2nd Lake of Fire as you all Walk through the 1st Lake of Fire here and now while my son has "returned" in the Form of a MORTAL Man known as Christ Jesus Returned…

Woe unto Wombmen and Pregnant [Females] in these Days of Noah RETURNED when injections and Vaccinations of the SCIENCE OF SORCERY will give birth to Monsters: whom look neither human, nor insane, but nothing more than SOULLESS Children with eyes of Machines….

The Book of Peter~ ?

You will Remember it is you and your {LOVE of Capitalism} that ended all life in the Real World, and you will REMEMBER that you have damned your "selves" as well as your children too the God of all…

#MistyBlue ?

I am done worrying about things, so we will embed links to websites, and YouTube Channels once again…

#BlackCherry ?

Get all the "STUFF" you can in life because this is The Purgatorium, and you will find it of [little use] and comfort once you are in Perdition` The Hell of Hades' forever and ever reserved for The Cursed, The Damned, and The Forsaken being the FAKE JEWS in the Book of Revelation known as Hollywood USA USA USA….

Christ Jesus Returned~ ?

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