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We Do Covid Testing

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Published on 14 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Two lab ladies that know the testing is crap, and tell you why.


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bookshop 2 months ago


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

All the world is A GAME not A STAGE......., and we need to know how this THE SHOW MUST GO ON Works for {G4S] of these U.N. Troops is the Goal of this Commonwealth,

and we will look into this [material] QBALLS~ /_\ after watching EPISODE TWO of "Other Words" the 1985 TV Show that is now the (COVID19) Lock Down and LOCK STEP here in 2021 of {Agenda 21} with our police and military all "replaced" by FREE MASON Lodge Members,

and anyone whom DENIES our FLAT EARTH (Celestial) Sphere Reality, and can not explain the BOOK OF EXODICE is THEY LIVE aka The Racka: hiding among WE ARE aka Pak-Toe the [nonmason] +=+ Populations, People, and Persons as "ZEBRAS" aka FREE MASON Spies for their U.N. FLAGS of Global Citizens,

and all their INTERNATIONALIST in the {D.U.M.B.S} and from the Southern Hemisphere on our Northern Hemisphere in this CONTINUING Holocaustic {WAR OF THE WORLDS} where Machine People are now murdering their own "Machine" [{*}] Populations for these INTERNATIONALIST (Global Citizens) and their GLOBAL PASS PORTS'

as we the remaindering Humans of "Natural" Eyes are down too 6% of the world people, and WEST WORLD Populations: on BOTH SIDES of these FLAT EARTHS, and in the Inner Earth World machine EDISON A.I. Tunnels...

The Commander~

In that thought` watch this [PROPAGANDA] /-\ and learn how [THEY LIVE] lie about everything to {WE ARE} with all their "U.N. FLAGS' Lies Agreed Upon as WORLD POLICE: Peacekeepers of {G4S] in our Communities, and Towns, and Nations....

The Rag Tag Rebellion~ #COVAXXED [{**}]


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bookshop 2 months ago

where is natalie children
whole covid hoax was metaphor to hide hunter fucking natalie biden
vaccine is joe viagra
anal swab is natalie biden sodomy
mask is natalie biden fellation
test is ashley in "joe" shower
lockdown is natalie biden in hotels with hunter

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