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“We Can't Pay It Anymore" - Peter Schiff on Inflation, Money Printing, The Economy, and more

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Published on 09 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

“We Can't Pay It Anymore" - Peter Schiff on Inflation, Money Printing, The Economy, and more...

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This is one of many old Peter Schiff Interview about Money Printing that supposedly will create growth in the Economy, Instead it will create Inflation or even Hyperinflation to the US Dollar. Money Printing or Stimulus or anything you want to call it won't works and will never works.

It might gives a little "bounce" or false growth in the Economy, but eventually it will collapse.

and of course Politicians and guys at the Federal Reserve never learned anything, Including Ben Bernanke that keeps Interest rates so low for so long and makes the Housing bubble even bigger that leads to far even BIGGER New Economic Recession that will be bigger than the previous Great Depression.

00:00 - The Stimulus Doesn’t Work
02:08 - Why US Economy Is Not Crashed Yet
03:40 - The European Economy Problem
05:52 - Their Stupidity will make it WORSE than I thought

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