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We are heading into the vaccine side effects. Who is to blame? Tough road ahead.

Phat Brain
Phat Brain - 359 Views
Published on 26 Feb 2022 / In Health

And how did we get here? We went from highly effective to completely non-effective. How was society tricked into believing that this was an effective antidote? The vaccine did not teach our bodies to defend itself but rather our bodies lost its ability to protect itself against viruses and bacteria. What did the exterminators need to do in order to promote their agenda? It wasn’t just propaganda. They paid the hospitals huge amounts of money, had their doctors listen and believe the controlled experts (who had a lot to lose), and silenced/demonized any and all voices that went against their narrative and made sure that there was no debate on this subject. And here we are, the world has been vaccinated with a poisoned antidote for a virus that had a 99.5% survival rate.

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proudusagirl01 7 months ago

Ivermectin has been distributed by the WHO to infected areas as a treatment for parasitic infections for over 30 years. Especially in certain African countries, Mexico and India, it has been confirmed to be safe to distribute directly to people. In addition, ivermectin has been reported to suppress the invasion of SARS-CoV-2 into cells and inhibit replication. You can get your ivm by visiting

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Tom Bowden
Tom Bowden 7 months ago

I argued this with a health service provider and I said there are record heart ailments with young people and children , " oh that's because so many kids are put on vegan diets now days"???? that's the response I got, it would be easier getting through to a lump of rock.

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