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Watch F*ke News Create 2 Classes of People!

TwoFeather - 164 Views
Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

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Crash45 5 days ago

If this is so deadly why are people even chancing to leave their home to get bound on a crowded ship in the middle of the ocean? I mean you should stay home and continue to do nothing but watch more mainstream fear porn. And stay alone, stay isolated. You're putting lives in danger for going on a cruise! Shut it all down!!!!

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TwoFeather 5 days ago

Same reason they are having the olympics, all sports team players were allowed to play mask and distance free.

Reply   thumb_up 2   thumb_down 0
TwoFeather 5 days ago

Pandemic Restriction are only for YOU, Not THEM.

Reply   thumb_up 2   thumb_down 0
Crash45 5 days ago

@TwoFeather: special rights for special people. What a world! Lol they are all down with it until its government only then you'll see the statist tears flowing. It's a real insult to my intelligence with that level of bullshit. I'm in upstate NY and every business I've went in had a sign that says if you're jerbed then masks are optional. I'm just waiting for the day of Show ze Papers!

Reply   thumb_up 1   thumb_down 0
TwoFeather 5 days ago

@Crash45 : I don't comply to any of their bullshit. Never worn a mask yet. One woman in the post office last year said I had to put a mask on. I told her No I Don't, it's Against the law. Another woman waited on me with No problem. Here in Louisiana we don't take their shit, we just keep going.

Reply   thumb_up 2   thumb_down 0
Crash45 5 days ago

@TwoFeather: i dont give 2 shits neither but eventually i think there is going to be scannable technology implemented like they have in china and they won't ask you they just will deny a sale once the majority of cashiers are replaced. I'm hoping for america's sake there will still be the old fashioned type businesses doing the right thing instead of being a marxist shithole. I

Reply   thumb_up 1   thumb_down 0
TwoFeather 5 days ago

@Crash45 : Will never happen. People fail to understand the president, his administration and federal government in general Do NOT have that much power. The Sheriff of Your County has More Power of your lives than any federal government employee does.

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Crash45 5 days ago

@TwoFeather: you are right but they think they do and it has worked in this state. I have been refused entrance over a mask before and had i listed my rights they throw the ole its a private business and its the rules and they will charge you with trespassing and arrest you if you refuse. I'd like to believe i can just shrug things off but what they are saying is literally the reality here. And the whole covid is the gateway to implement their digital ghetto. You may have heard some prominent truth tellers being banned from payment services for their views. We are not far from banks and credit card companies following suit in the censorship because the precedent has already been set. It's only a matter of time and if you speak against the status quo you will get punished. I've come to understand that whatever the WEF says goes. Whether its legally constitutional or not

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TwoFeather 5 days ago

@Crash45 : Yes private business can refuse you, since you are in a leftist state the workers wouldn't back down if you made demands. Here I've used several sayings that leftist have used before such as "I identify as a Healthy Person", "My Body My Choice", "I have Diplomatic Immunity". I argued with some of them so much till they just gave up and left me alone.

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