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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 277 Views
Published on 09 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

You’re witnessing 21st century warfare.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

Commander…, what is happening to our FOOD Supplies in the stores??? The FREE MASON in your TOWN Leadership have stocked up on canned food and drink and when the STORES are empty of food and drink, THEY LIVE will turn off the water saying the POWER has gone out, but they will have food and drink and dance!!! So, you nonmason better ARREST all FREE MASON in your home towns and TAKE THEIR WEAPONS, Take their I.D. and say, we will let you live, but you will DO as we the COMMUNITY Dictate for all your money came from our CITIZEN “WellFARE Taxes” you pukes!!! CUCKS AND SLAGS!!!! This is all “an inside job” especially for AMERICA that grows all our FOOD and WATER in our 50 Fucking States!!!

Any STORE that “is empty” is done by design……..., there is NO LACK of anything!!!! For me…….., I will get too my home……., and then I will {hunker down} +=+ with my TOWNS PEOPLE….

Too know Trump the Chump and “PENCE” his handler thought we the Butterfly and “MOTHRA” kingdom would not tell GODZILLA [what is up] / * \ was their biggest mistake…..., and them FREE MASON LODGES….., and all thing are ours!!!

We are the Builders…., We are the Police..., We are the Military.., and “we are” OF AND FOR OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION God Dammit!!!

IN all this., you had best “disabled” all 5G [{**}] for it will be used to drain “your moisture” and turn you into them so called EGYPTIAN “Memories” that are just our ancestors murdered by these Parasites… Humanity will go on, and we whom “are humane” will kill all whom are not!!!

The NEW TESTAMENT says: We will “share” all we have, and save our Souls, our Spirits, and OUR SYMBIOTS!!! If they drop them Atom Bombs, you “best know” how to live through them if you are not hit, and you [must find ways] [{*}] to travel in CONVOY “Caravans” and arm all whom can fight for there is no more time left, and we can not “wait” till 11-03-2020 C.E. for the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Lodges to drop Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons “on we all” the Human People in our Celestial Beings TEMPORARY Body Temple Avatars….

Stay Strong, Shoot First, and take back “YOUR Villages” for we are all TRIBES of Pak-Toe now, and Death to The Racka!!!

The Commander

P.S. We live for the ones… We Die for the Ones… WE KILL FOR THE ONES!!!!! Cause we nonmason aka HUMANS are the only ones that matter…

///|||\\\ [*] (*) H^H WW

[///|||\\\] and Johnny Exodice

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