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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 137 Views
Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, Why does the Bible say NOT too mix with people whom TALK to the Dead, and Practice Magic, and Sorcery that we now know is the Dark Arts of Evil Spirits and Evil Beings.?.?.? Since you have walked with me for so many years my lutenist, I think it is time you [became] @QBALL /_\ the Admiral of our Navel and Air Forces, and in this, let me share some insight on our Celestial Sphere HOME WORLD of Purgatory…. When we talk of Humans and “nonhumans” being TWO People and Doppelgangers from the OTHER SIDE of our FLAT EARTH in this Two Sided Realm of the CUBE….. would it surprised you’m “too know” Any person can do Code + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery; regardless, if they have SOLIDS that make a Persons Eyes go SOLID BLACK??? It seems everything in this CONSTRUCT {The Great Work} was made by we the Immaterial Immortals, and that this place was made too allow “WE THE PEOPLE” to take A Vacation from ETERNITY… Moreover, without the Ability to Kill and Murder, that is a Human Choice, you would actually be incomplete… It is said of our Enemy The Racka, that they WORSHIP “things” be it Chaos to SATAN to people on American Idol and what not, and we all “know” too WORSHIP anything is too Beg of It!!! However, regardless of this truth……., when people Summon and “Invoke” Evil Demons and Devils, they are but releasing what WE ALL HAVE inside us as Immaterial Celestial Beings, and that is Violence – Cruelty – Viciousness!!! Moreover, Actors and Actresses “play” with their EVIL Intentions, and Evil Thoughts all the time on these 2D FLAT SCREEN (3D CGI) +=+ Holograpix Virtual Reality Visions and Graven Images called Black Mirror “Scrying” Screens…….., and do not all people now carry a BLACK MIRROR Satanic Device in their pockets to watch and “worship” in Awe and Wonder that TV Shows can seem too be So REAL!?!?!? What our Enemy these FREE MASON Lodge Members, and their U.N. FLAGS {NEWS} World (covid19) Military U.N. Empire do not want WE THE PEOPLE too know` is that they cast Hexes, and Spells, and Raptures, and Curses on {all People} from Both sides of FLAT EARTH and Inner Earth, and by way of these 5G Harmonics Frequencies Vibrations Devices the many: be they WORLD LEADERS too Generals, and people of Religious “Elder-ship” have all been Mind Wiped and are under MKULTRA Mind Control known as “Hypnotism” by the SUGGESTIONS of Ink on Paper Books too the “Colours” of PROJECT BLUE BEAM, and I do believe many people are beginning to see ALL BOOKS, and All Schools, and All Science are based on [Illusions] and Delusions called THEORIES of “Theology” known as Hypothesis – Speculation – Conjecture where the way they talk: on these Radios……..., and TV Screens is SUGGESTIVE and makes “You” the CITIZEN Obey/Comply/Submit to the Wicked Wills of all these O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar {Jesuit Zionist} and their TALMUDIC Teachings… WE ARE Surrounded by 5G Eugenics “Weapons” of mass Destruction seen as these WAR OF THE WORLDS [5G] Magic Wand Towers that are keeping “the many” in a state of ENCHANTMENT where they think THAT this life is normal.?.?.?.?.?, and they can’t see that EVERYONE from Religions – Militarizes – Governments – Schools of Thoughts, and these CORPORATIONS are all “lying” about all things, and THEY LIVE will lead us humans into our Demise by Destroying this world!!! What if I told you: We all have DEMONS, and DEVILS, and ANGELS within us?????, and if beaten down, and SHOUTED AT long enough….., our Enemy the FREE MASON {Freak us} [{**}] into Submission, and their ways [only because] [{*}] WE WANT Them too STOP Yelling at us??? IN that’ if you Raise your Voice too your OPPRESSOR: they must either “fight you” hand to hand, or Run Away!!! Do not let any Man or Wombman be they God or Goddess YELL and “SCREAM” and Talk down to you in their Narcissist ways` for we are all “Immortals” in these TEMPORARY Esoteric Corporeal MORTAL Body Temple Avatars…..., and Purgatory can be ours…., and we can have OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition if we but “wake” OUR Demons – Devils – Angels…, and take the earth back BY USE OF FORCE.., and then “Our Ways” called Pak-Toe: of Honor, Integrity, and Decency will rule the night., and the day, and not their ways of You Must “Pay” too Play lifestyles of MASTER and SLAVE… Heretofore: As The Oracle for this End of this Age: I declare you have a Right to Exist, and the POWER too “defeat” any Person, Agency, Establishment, SYSTEM: no matter how evil, cruel, or rude if you but take back your POWER as a Person in this “Immortal World” and our Celestial Sphere Home World of EARTH will be ours once again in the Yin and Yang of {enteral life} down here in the Purgatorial!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


Hollywood is the RELIGION of all FREE MASON “Lodges” in your U.N. FLAGS of Occupation and OCCUPIED Human: Cities, Towns, and Nations….

The Society of nonmason~


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