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#WarRoomShow: HR1 Veterans Call In Show - Trump Supporters Reject Coronavirus Stimulus Bill!

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 232 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Desperate Deep Staters intend to hold United States hostage for as long as 18 months or until Trump is driven from office

Showdown! Globalists/Dems Tell Trump America Will Not Reopen Monday

Tune in as the Trump administration battles to save America’s economy amid the Coronavirus pandemic and as we document the times the mainstream media has parroted talking points from China, which wants Trump removed from power:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Teacher…, when do you think “THEY LIVE” will let we the nonmason populations go back to work??? Do you really find it “so troubling” to have to talk to your Inner Voices {all day} +=+ my youth to you the very old??? How long has it been since you said I am “connected” to my self……..., and I know my self…….., and I want a Relationship “with” my inner Being??? For many at this time are in a [state of loss] / * \ for they pray to their Gods or Goddesses or what ever “imaginary” friend in the Heavens or Hells` they think their CORELIGIONIST Tell “them” to pray too……., and yet…..., they have never read THE BOOK OF NONMASON….., yet alone THE BOOK OF PUZZLES…., and they have “no clue” [{**}] that we all have Symbiots whom are them “Voices” in our heads be it called Thinking..., Contemplation.., or Writing a Cool Song too doing “Expansive Art Work” with Pen and Pencils., and the Rainbow of Oils and Water Colours we do so have “the right” too EXPERIMENT with, and make up our own FAKE SPACE “Images” to Fantasy Art Work!!! LOL I still have a Trilogy of Books to complete called “The Black Hole Spears” [{*}] and book two of The Warrior Elves Revolt, and I see no reason why Thoron, Brim, and Saline can not come to the rescue “of my” IMAGINATIONS as I let the flow of inspiration “take hold” and flow with the soul I have so been given!!!! My heart may be broken from time to time, but it “always restarts” with the Hug from a Child to any old friend whom forgot to call… How long has it been since you “saw your mom” and dad dance, and plan romantic dinners with “all the children” too partake, and then give them their private time in their bed room “to once again” be the closest of Room Mates??? For are not we “my people” of Pak-Toe made from the Sexual Divine beings “of our” Mothers and Fathers…., and do not even these FREE MASON Machine People the SLAVE Populations “come from” Moms and Dads just as we the nonmason Populations of this “Celestial Sphere” Home World called Purgatory??? Then why must we continue this MILITARY “COVID 19” Operation to kill moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and our Elder States Men and Wombmen when all people regardless of “What Realm” you think you evolved from….., you still come this way only by the “Divine Spark” of Conception…..., and then you are Born and Raised, and why is it “so hard” for these Pyramid People to not appreciate their Mothers and Fathers for it seems to me their Moms and Dads “did not show them” no love.?.?.?.?, and maybe this is why Pence and Xi and Trump and Putin and Bi bi and even that “Loney Boy” The Pope had no true guardianship, just Custodianship and “THEY LIVE” were raised by abusers too become abusers themselves in this “very dark hour” where Military Tanks, and Jets, and Drones, and Bombs seem all they know to do for Pleasure and Enjoyment??? I myself would rather “drink some booze” with my enemy rather then “shoot” at him or her…….., I would like to teach those “whom think” I do not come from A mother and Father just as they do…….., that I did..., and I so want as many “that are able” and willing to join and become “one” with we Members.., Constituents., Representatives……..., and CITIZENS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, so no one need be “without” no matter their “upbringing” or life of circumstance… The Book of EXODICE…


Time to Abandon the U.S. Miltiary and join our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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