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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 475 Views
Published on 15 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Commercial Free! - Denied bail over extensive foreign connections and immense wealth -- 10

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

All The World is a Dream… Fade Too Purple…

For the many that SLEEP WALK among “we the people” whom know we live in a MACHINE Called The Great Work, and that this place called our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory can be anything we want……., the many have yet to see that WAR IS MURDER, and that Murder is Against the Rule of Law, and theretofore, not even the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges can make WAR Legal cause they do Hollywood HOLLOW Projections of Death, and Damn nations……, and Nation will turn on Nation till we [all become] +=+ like the TERMINATORS for we the people are {the Machines} [{**}] that kill, and rape, and harm one another saying: I HAVE THE RIGHT To bomb you……, and “your people” cause YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG!!!

Why is it the many watch the only real “WEAPON” called The TV SCREENS of these PROJECT BLUE BEAM “alien invasions” / * \ into our Minds saying TOO Kill HUMANS is the way to go!!! Look at all your children my Mothers and my Fathers, and how often do they play REALISTIC Virtual Reality 3D CGI Video Games of Deplorable “Christchurch” Debauchery?.?.? What is it with these BLUE EYED People that they own ALL THE CORPORATIONS in the United Nations WHO…., and our Fellow Citizens of our STATES CONSTITUTIONS Follow (illegal Dictates) [{*}] when there is no FEDERALIST LAW or COMMUNIST LAW with out THE WILL of WE The Citizens whom pay the TAXES for our Leaders to live as “Gods and Goddesses” above us when all People should be Kings and Queens of their own thoughts???

The GOVERNMENT says: We will Shut Down the Whole GOD DAMMED Wide World..., and make everyone so poor.., they will have NO CHOICE but to let we the FLAGS of the WORLD go do WAR IS MURDER., and Break that Fucking RULE OF LAW!!! For is not that the “only reason” EMPLOYEE is a word that means SLAVE under the COURTS…….., and Admiralty Law??? Had you known that WE THE PEOPLE Employ our GOVERNMENTS……..., then why don’t they make EVERYONE {ON TV} /-\ WEAR THE MASK.?.?.?, and they as well, this Political Class wear that god dammed mask.?.?.?, and FORCE THEIR Rich “Putrid Children” to put on the SLAVE MASK of the LEGAL Word known as EMPLOYEE that means SLAVE under {Medical Martial Law} of JADE HELM 15 where once again, the Military, the Police, These Hospitals to Collages only have MONEY to make us SELF ISOLATE cause WE THE PEOPLE “Pay Them” too do as WE ARE TOLD???

I know many of you whom wear THE Q MASK thinking #QANON will make America Great Again???, and must I say: What is doing this WAR IS MURDER that will make you A Great War Hero??? For all you’m have done is fly around in your JETS, and Dropped Bombs on WE THE PEOPLE??? Why is it we the CITIZENS “Tax Payers” get killed, and Raped by your Tanks, and ICBM Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons like the COVER UP by all these CORPORATIONS whom make Weapons to Sell to WE THE PEOPLE “whom are” THE GOVERNMENT???, so our EMPLOYEES these Public Servant Officials can “Scream and Shout” and RANT Rant rant that WAR IS NOT MURDER!!!! WAR is the way of the divine, the good, and them whom know how to Kill their fellow Citizens “of these” UNITED NATIONS as your LEADERS are Playing with your minds and thoughts “my children” too die for that fucking National Anthem!!!

Johnny Exodice


Once you know you live in A CONSTRUCT called The GREAT WORK that is an Assimilation Virtual Reality, then when you lay me down to sleep, you just are having more “non-waking” HOLOGRAPHIC DREAMS while your [Body Avatar] rest in this place we all Grow Old and Die…


Will you choose to GROW OLD, or will you die young for a Piece of Cloth and STRANGERS whom want to do WAR IS MURDER cause they have “Evil Spirits” In Their Minds????

The Sentinel…

Secretary Pompeo's remarks on India Policy https://youtu.be/meJYScw7_Ks via @YouTube INDIA and The USA have bad roads, not help for the TAX PAYING Poor People aka CITIZENS, and they spend all our TAXES on WAR IS MURDER no matter your U.N. FLAGS... #QANON


Everyone Know THE POPE of the ROMAN CATHOLICS back Germany in WORLD WAR TWO so why do the CATHOLICS Get off the Hook when ROME FALLS TO THE USA???? Also when the UNITED STATES dropped bombs on FRANCE did them BOMB not kill all the CIVILIANS in them Houses as they were all Prisoners of WAR to GERMANY??? IT IS ALL A GAME!!! These FREE MASON LODGES are the U.N. Troops in your midst!!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition that says TO HELL with this UNITED NATIONS [International Mafia] Q of the USA!!!


ALL WARS WERE PLANNED OUT BY THE UNITED NATIONS and “before that” QANON The League of Nations all doing SEDITION – High Treason – Treachery to WE THE PEOPLE of the World, so your FLAGS and Government Religious [SCHOOLS] of Thoughts can use you my CITIZEN to become WAR IS MURDER……., and die for a Fucking Piece of “CLOTH” known as The National STATE FLAG!!!


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