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WAR ROOM with Owen Shroyer Friday, June 3, 2020

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Published on 04 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

WAR ROOM with Owen Shroyer Friday, June 3, 2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

The Reflection that is me

What would you do if there was no Mirrors in this world, and no way to see what you looked liked from Birth too Death??? EVIL SPIRITS like to play head games where they put thoughts in your head that because these people have BLACK HAIR ONLY, and BROWN EYES ONLY they must be less then the Lighter Hair Colors, and the Lighter Eye Colours, and have not these EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of our Brothers and Sisters made these BLUE EYED Light Hair, and Light Skin People think they are better then we of the Dark Eyes, and The Darker Skins cause the FREE MASON used 5G Eugenics to Turn our Skin Tones A Permanent Tan with the Melioration of our skins and retinas???

When The GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR Happened from 1853 A.D. to 1854 A.D. our own People of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones turned on one another, and in this attack where Cain killed We The Able……., it was the DESTRUCTION of the “Golden Age” where life was good for all, and EUGENICS was an unknown word to WE THE PEOPLE… However, as we Study at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies….., we have come to see the World before the Atomic Holocaust where we once were all called JEWS aka Tartarians…, and that after the 5G Eugenics WARS of the 1800’s we were all renamed NONMASON Gentiles…..., and our Sisters and Brothers Renamed themselves FREE MASON Zionist Jesuit JEWS that we know in the Book of Revelation are The Synagogal of S.A.T.A.N. the Jews whom are NOT Jews!!!

You would think at the end of WORLD WAR TWO that Japan would be the HOLOCAUSTED PEOPLE for Millions upon Millions did so die in them “Nuclear” Drops by the good ole FREE MASON U.S. of A. MILITARY!!! Furthermore, since I am A [Pure Blood] /_\ BLUE EYED Polish Jew and WW2 was more about the ERADICATION of all light skin “blue eyed” people…., and nothing to do with Germany as Hitler was tricked by the EVIL SPIRITS of the VATICAN into thinking he could “repopulate” all the Blond Hair and Blue Eyed “Red Skin” People wiped out in WORLD WAR ONE….. You might not like that the FREE MASON have been doing ERADICATION to we Light Skin BLUE EYED People for A Very long time…….., but then why in the year 2020 A.D. does only 8% of the WORLD PEOPLE “only have” blue eyes now.?.?.?, and the Blond Hair, and the Red Hair, and The Green eyes are “almost” no where left to be found WALKING among We The People except on them SLAVE “TV Models” Magic 2D CGI Faked Space Screens???

As you “Americans” CELEBRATE your Illuminati 4th of July Birth Day, just know the EVIL EYE is the Symbol of these EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of “all world leaders” whom FAKE SPACE!!! Moreover, for any U.S. Citizen to CELEBRATE the 4th of JULY, you are Celebrating the day WE JEWS lost all our {Blue Eyed People} [{**}] in World War One, and World War Two, and as your Blue Eyed Red Hair Trump and Pence ABANDON the Black Hair “Brown Eyed” WHITE PEOPLE in HONG KONG to COMMUNIST China……..., just know the USA is a Servant of the FREE MASONS UNITED NATIONS of Devils, Demons, and Pirates, and in this, We whom are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition will not celebrate (The Day) / * \ Your FREE MASON Murdered all we “NONMASON” BLUE EYED JEWS…

Johnny Exodice


There is a Little bit of me in you, and there is a little bit of you in me, and you can TRY your best to kill that little bit of YOU in me, but you will never Murder that little bit of me in you…


The Sentinel…


Now if you have not “CASHED IN” your Pensions and 401-k and All STOCKS and BONDS like the foolish RICH MAN whom spoke to Jesus when Christ Said: Sell All you have and “give it” to the poor, and you will come home when you die……., he was sad for he could not see “beyond” HIS or HER own Temporary Flesh and Blood and Bones, so too all my People of Pak-Toe use them [spare rooms] /-\ too house our people, and COMBINE “your incomes” be that SSI to SSDI to Mack the Jack Burger Jobs cause many houses “have rooms” to hold up to 10 people, and since the LAW of the MASONS says: No more than 10 people at A Gathering, these people are NOT Residents or Domicile, but JUST “Friends” Visiting Your HOME for a “Few Months” with their own LOCAL STATE I.D. with that Pentagram STAR on it my U.S. Citizens….., and then share in {the buying} +=+ of Food, Drink, Fuel, and even Share {the payments} on CARS and Car Insurance: THE BOOK OF ACTS done proper…

The Society of nonmason~


You can learn all about Our 13 Month 28 Days Calendar and why 12 is the 24 of the SUN G.O.D.

Doubt “only means” YOU DO NOT KNOW...

The Southern Republic...


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