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Walter Veith & Martin Smith - The Church In Crisis - What's Up Prof 85

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Published on 15 Oct 2021 / In Science

In Episode 85 we discuss the status of things in the church. It is of the utmost importance that our foundation is anchored in the Law and the Testimony, the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. If we are anchored in either the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy and not in both we will be derailed and apostasy will creep in. We will compare the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy with the current state of the church to see whether we are still on track.

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0:00 Start
06:52 Are we involved in a battle between good and evil, ?
11:16 If evil exists today, where according to the Scriptures will it manifest itself
18:37 If good exists, where will we find it?
21:03 What is the difference between of the world and in the world?
24:47 Where do the kings of the world stand in this conflict?
29:24 Is this a never-ending conflict or has God set a time limit to the rule of sin?
39:30 If this is so and there is a time limit, then where are we in the stream of time?
41:54 Can we thus expect the fulfillment of unfulfilled prophecy to be imminent?
46:17 How are the agencies of evil combining their forces
01:11:50 Can we thus put our faith in the rich and famous ?
01:17:32 What happened to the mighty men of past ages that opposed the will of God
01:20:49 Did the majority of these kings tend towards Godliness ?
01:21:55 Is the history of redemption written in the lives of the first three kings of Israel?
01:24:43 On which portion of Solomon's reign does Freemasonry base its belief system?
01:26:26 Where can we expect the battle between good and evil to rage the strongest?
01:29:44 Has the apostate church persecuted God’s people?
01:34:50 Is it only the apostate church of the Middle Ages that persecuted God’s children?
01:44:37 Has the remnant church always dealt kindly with God’s children?

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