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The Father of History
The Father of History - 177 Views
Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Pascal Najadi’s father, Hussain, was one of the men who Founded Davos/WEF (first called "EMF", "European Management Forum"), together with Klaus Anal Schwab (the illegitimate son of Henry Kissinger) and because of high level political pressure from USA through the Talmudic Jew Henry Kissinger, Hussain was forced to leave EMF in the eighties, in order (for Henry Kissinger) to use EMF as another platform (the Masonic-Satanic Elite has numurous platforms for continuously exterminating the human race) to exterminate Humanity in the future, and from then on his illegitimate son Klaus Schwab was placed (by the Masonic Global Elite) as the absolute & sole ruler of EMF, while changing the EMF name into WEF (World Economic Forum) in order to fool Humanity that their goal was "to help World Economy" (while their goal was & is to totally destroy the whole World Economy (thus exterminating the Human Race through wars for food and resources etc..) under all kind of different fake pretences like "saving the forests, the air, the insects, the worms, the planet etc..), so the fooled World would support and even heavily sponsor the Satanic-Talmudic WEF in their Apocalyptic plans against the World, the fooled political idiots of the world thinking that "they do a good thing by helping WEF with billions of dollars and with WEF orders to be implemented in theit own countries".

Thus heavily sponsored by the scum of the World in high political places, the Talmudic Klaus Anal Schwab got encouraged by the enormous amount of political cretins (called by him "young world leaders"💩) under his command, so he instaurated a strong WEF Dictatorship upon the World through his "young world political apes/leaders" he commanded and also handsomely paid under the table to implement his orders in their countries "for the greater good if mankind"😏💩.

Pascal Najadi sees now The 2030 Agenda definitely as the greatest threat to democracy and national sovereignty allover the World, if we do not WAKE UP TO REALITY.

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