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VRIL or VITAL MAGNETISM - FULL Audiobook by William Walker ATKINSON

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Published on 31 Mar 2023 / In Science

In the Arcane Teaching, the term “Vril” indicates the universal principle of vital-energy, life-force, or vital magnetism, as it is sometimes called. The term itself is believed to have had its origin in the language of ancient Atlantis, tradition holding that the Atlantean root vri, meaning life, is the source of the word Vril, the latter expressing the idea of the vital principle or life-energy. This original root term is believed to have influenced similar elementary terms in the Sanscrit, and through this that great source of tongues, the Latin, from which our own language is largely derived. In many languages we find words indicating manly vigor, energy, virility, which undoubtedly owe their origin to the original Atlantean root term vri from which our term is derived. In the ancient Greek we find the term veros, meaning “a hero.” In the Sanscrit we discover vira, meaning “a hero,” and in the ancient Irish vear, meaning “a man.” The Gothic wair, and the Anglo-Saxon wer, each meaning “a man,” as well as the Latin word vir, meaning “a man,” (from which our terms “virile, virility,” originated,) also appear to have been derived from the Atlantean term vri, or “life.” It was very natural to identify the concept of “man” with “life.”

In our own language the terms “virile” and “virility” indicate life-force or vital energy, particularly in the sense of procreative power, the usage of these terms bearing out the above stated theory of their origin. Bulwer, who was well-versed in occult tradition and terms, used the term “vril” in one of his novels, to indicate a mysterious form of energy employed by a newly discovered and highly advanced race of people, upon whose doings his story was based. It is almost certain that Bulwer borrowed this term from some of the ancient occult writings, with which he was so familiar, and that the ancient Arcane term “vril” was known to him. In many of these ancient occult treatises we find frequent reference to “Vril,” not only in its sense of the principle of vital energy, but also in that sense of inherent usable energy which we seek to express by the term “human magnetism.”

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