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VLOG: Welcome to the Apocalypse and the Revolution

Sineh - 128 Views
Published on 20 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

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Intro vid: Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy - Welcome To The Revolution:

Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid:

One Eternity to Flatten the Curve:

Shitty Joe:

Duchess of Cornwall on Biden Farting at Climate Summit β€” 'Long and Loud and Impossible to Ignore: '

US President: Shitty Joe Medley

Pope & Biden Backstreet Boys:

Millionaire explains why rules are only for poor people:

SHOCKING! Dire Warning From Worlds Top Bunker Contractor:

Bill Gates video:

Video: Ash Experiment: Herd Mentality:

Video: Fat he/shee?

Biden's Slimmed Down Social Spending Package Still Includes Mass Investment in IRS Staffing
Funding to electrify the federal vehicle fleet appears to have been dropped from the package:

MSNBC Goes Full Clowntard: Gaslights That Inflation Is A "Good Thing", Deletes Tweet After

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