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Virtua Racing - Sega Genesis - Big Forest Beginner Course

Zero Senki
Zero Senki - 11 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In Gaming

Wassup, people? Here's another fine release of nice quality!
We managed to get an unlimited plan on the phone for a change. We're using the hot spot like an ISP service ATM. By the end of this month, the shot location will be in Arizona.
PS: My Genesis Model 1 renders the leading cars' map color black sometimes, but Fusion renders them just fine.

Virtua Racing was made by Sega for their revolutionary Model 1 arcade machine. It was later ported over to the Genesis and Mega Drive. However, there was a problem: most 3D games on the Genesis weren't as spectacular as Virtua Racing. They decided to commission Argonaut to develop the SVG chip to help the Genesis get the oomph it needs for a successful port of this aged, but awesome game.

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