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vintagestories England 1950 in Colour.mp4

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Published on 31 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

vintagestories England 1950 in Colour
VINTAGE STORIES @vintagestories9612

Fantastic Britain 1950 in Colour

Time travel back to Great Britain in the early 1950s like you've never seen before. Through the eyes of newsreel cameras and advertising of the time, we present an affectionate look at the way we were in the 1950's: the way we dressed, the way we laughed (and cried) - even the way we holidayed. In 1950, Britain was working hard to recover from the Second World War. Yet, as the decade went on and the economic conditions improved - a cascade of wonderful gadgets found their way into British homes, and families began holidaying on the beaches and promenades.
If you like this video, you could support my technical work, I've spent a considerable amount of time and effort, thank you :
Archival footage supplied by Internet Archive (at in association with Prelinger Archives, British Pathé.
The original film has been motion-stabilized, enhanced, upscaled and colourized by means of state-of-the-art video software. AI Restoration Process:
1. DeNoise and removed artifacts.
2. Increased motion interpolation to 60 fps, using a deep learning open source program Dainapp.
3. Upscaled using AI to 4K resolution
4. Added color using Deoldify
5. Added sound and join the various film fragments by means of a sophisticated editor.

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donttellmelies 2 months ago

This video of England in the '50s and this, both tell it all. Are there no cities left in America, or ANY civilized nation, where only WHITE families can live? Is there no safe haven for us to thrive in, and be free from invading culture-destroying sub-human animals? Is this the world that you will leave for your children and future generations? Wake up, white man. You are being outnumbered, murdered, plundered, and bred right out of existence! This is YOUR country and YOUR world. Take it back- you spineless cowards- before it is too late!

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

ok, not America, but cool! Thank you!
considering how many "van life" & tiny house, bus conversion videos I watch, I loved it! Impressive & clever things here!

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

Had to stop 30 seconds in.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

I haven't even watched it yet but will make a prediction.
Hardly any if any at all -- fat people.
No processed foods, no fast foods, no bullsht ingredients like artificial colors, flavors & preservatives that make ppl sick.
Very few ppl on any kind of med that makes you sicker.
No one sitting around on a phone, tablet, etc.
WHEN we sat around, it was reading, knitting, sewing, etc.
I am out of shape and hate exercise. Used to walk everywhere & dance my ass off!
At least I don't eat fast foods or drink soda...
Now, let's go watch & see if I'm right

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