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vintagestories 1930s Journey Around the World in Colour.mp4

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Published on 30 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

vintagestories 1930s Journey Around the World in Colour
VINTAGE STORIES @vintagestories9612

1930s Journey Around the World in Colour

Time travel back in the 1930s like you've never seen before. This a beautifully filmed home movie taken by two young men on vacation trips in the 1935.
If you like this video, you could support my technical work, I've spent a considerable amount of time and effort, thank you :
Archival footage supplied by Internet Archive (at in association with Prelinger Archives.
The original film has been motion-stabilized, enhanced, upscaled and colourized by means of state-of-the-art video software. AI Restoration Process:
1. DeNoise and removed artifacts.
2. Increased motion interpolation to 60 fps, using a deep learning open source program Dainapp.
3. Upscaled using AI to 4K resolution
4. Added color using Deoldify
5. Added sound and join the various film fragments by means of a sophisticated editor.
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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 2 months ago


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