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Video 30- Replacing Our Collapsed Systems

hikingdruid - 99 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In People and Blogs

So much is changing and we MUST grow and deepen our relationship with our Creator.
Since the DC/City of London/Vatican/cabal-system has collapsed, is utterly bankrupt, and is being exposed by the cleansing light of truth, it is part of our duty to determine a proper, Godly replacement. It is time to restore our freedoms, together, with Papa's teachings.
We must, as Sovereign Members of Man-Kind form new governing structures that will assure the following principles:
-Trusting and honoring our Heavenly Father.
-Rebuilding, restoring, and re-learning the Constitution.
-Living according to Jesus' Commandments and The Ten Commandments.
-Observing and living in accordance to God's Natural Rhythms & Law.

Here is that link for Eastern White Pine YOUR health, folks!!!

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