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Vancouver Canada Police State Mask Tyrants Violently Arrest Choke Take Independent Media Equipment.mp4

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Published on 25 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Vancouver Canada Police State Mask Tyrants Violently Arrest Choke Take Independent Media Equipment
Alyosha Zeifman

On June 9 I was violently arrested and choked by Vancouver Police. After being released, my neck was extremely sore and passing saliva was difficult. I considered visiting the ER as that is the only way to see a real doctor during this alleged pandemic, but I have a busy life and have felt better every day. Nevertheless, 11 days later, my neck is still sore. Whether this was excessive force or standard police procedure I will leave to smarter people than I (the lawyers and judges of the great province of British Columbia) to figure out. My Camera gear was given to the two people I was arrested with despite the fact that it was originally in the backpack they returned to me empty. This is strange because based on my arrest papers I am not allowed to have any contact with those two individuals. My bullhorn was sent to the Vancouver Police Property Office. When I arrived there after driving 2 hours from Squamish, I was told to come back in a couple weeks with proof of purchase (I have this conversation recorded). I believe that the simplest answer is usually the correct one and there is usually no reason to buy into conspiracy theories. Perhaps the Vancouver police are completely incompetent. Unfortunately, based on recent events, it seems as if this was an orchestrated plan to steal an independent journalist's gear because they do not like my unfavorable coverage of their crimes against Churches, small businesses, and the people of this province.

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Custos Luminis
Custos Luminis 28 days ago

Canadian Nazi's

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renosimpson 28 days ago

Until people start growing spines and beating the pig this will continue. When the pig fear retaliation/harm for doing things like this is when the will stop. They don’t fear or even respect you.
All cops are criminals working for a criminal organization. Douse them in gasoline and light um up! I assure you a burning pig is not threat.

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expat1689 28 days ago

Canadian Jack boot Brown Shirts

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Dive2663225 29 days ago

See Any difference between corrupt UK Police..and Canadian police??....To be honest..i wouldn't want to Support CORRUPT MARXIST POLICE for sure ! They are Not police they are Trudeau's Henchman !

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