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Vaccines by the Autumn. Fascism, Know The Signs - UK Column News 18th May 2020

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 18 May 2020 / In News and Politics

START – CoronaVirus good news: new symptoms to look out for
AstraZeneca awarded licence to supply Oxford Vaccine Group vaccine when ready
OVG: paediatrics, clinical vaccine research & immunisation education…
Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre gets £38m for rapid deployment
Will there be vaccine testing…will the vaccine testing include double-blind tests…?
BioBank: improving the health of future generations…? Are vaccines safe…?
Bill Gates points out that government intervention may be needed with indemnity…
UK government: vaccines are safe…as it bails out big pharma
The new (ab)normal: where does the 2 metre distancing rule come from…?
The distance is arbitrary: Germany using 1.5 metres, some places using 1.2 metres
There seems to be no science behind this and resuscitation (CPR) is badly affected
Expelled moisture droplet research is very confusing and makes little sense
Public confusion is almost guaranteed by this mis-information
There is no basis for any change in our behaviour…
The Precautionary Principle: used for CoronaVirus…but not for 5G or vaccines
NHS staff wear the same uniform to and from work as they use in ‘sterile’ wards…?
BBC buries the truth of CoronaVirus recoveries
30:51 – Sweden not in lockdown: mortality cases show a downward trend…
College of Policing: government guidance is not enforceable
Police Scotland has to backtrack on public fines
The Times: all charges under new CoronaVirus act are unlawful
Public memes on social media against lockdown (lockup) are growing
36:04 – Security guards deployed in rail stations to control people
Unions continue to support lockdown rather than supporting workers
The aim seems to be to destroy the economy but banks will do very nicely…
Mark Sedwill urged to quit role as civil service chief and focus on CoronaVirus
The Slog: Sir Mark, his minions & the shadow state now in control of Britain
A civil war coming in the civil service…?
44:32 – Ex-diplomat Craig Murray charged with contempt over Alex Salmond’s trial
Independence supporters who publically backed Salmond now being pursued…
Kenny MacAskill says ‘dark forces’ involved in trial of Alex Salmond
50:18 – RTE (Ireland): the importance of porn literacy for young Irish people
Exactly the same thing has been happening in Scotland…this is no coincidence
UNESCO Education 2030 agenda: to ‘eradicate poverty’… using pornography
COVID-19: a parting shot – fascism, know the signs

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

IN a World of {Magic and Sorcery} [{**}] known as 5G Eugenic Weapons where we The HUMAN populations aka THE NONMASON “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition are put under Oppression – Suppression – OCCUPATION by these [U.N. FLAGS] /_\ that the U.S. FLAG / * \ is just one more UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodge Members…..., and we all now see (COVID19) was also used to put a STOP to all Academic “After School” +=+ Classes doing FLAT EARTH RESEARCH and Investigation….., and as these DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughter – Rainbow Girls “Eastern Star” [{*}] Wanna Be’s do their Treachery known as SEDITION – High Treason….., and Traitors to WE ARE their “Fellow” Human Beings for MACHINE PEOPLE known as {Interdemensional Beings} or just INTERNATIONALIST for short hand…., THEY LIVE say: We Worship the “DEAD LIGHT” of the EDISON machine called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. on that Continent left off the U.N. FLAGS “Antarctica Treaty” of the United Nations W.H.O. - W.T.O. - I.M.F. WORLD DOMINATION MAP and THEY LIVE “Worship” the other EDISON in the Indian Ocean on a CONTINENT called S.A.T.A.N. for we The Society of nonmason have destroyed THE EDISON Machine in “Santa Barbara” CALIFORNIA USA of Forced SLAVE LABOR Technology……..., and that is the real reason..., there are NO PEOPLE!!!

If you are reading this…….., you are NOT a “Holographic” LIGHT Projection……., you are a real flesh…., and blood.., and bones person of our “Celestial Sphere” Home World of Purgatory as a Celestial Being YOUR SELF., and THEY LIVE thought by doing this U.N. Troops invasion of all nations rights by way of the (COVID19) aka PROJECT BLUE BEAM, that “THEY LIVE” would wipe our memories that THE EARTH IS STILL FLAT, and they are nothing more then Toasters like the CYLONS from them Battle Star Galactica TV SHOWS!!!!

The Green hat`

Once you kill a FREE MASON as a NONMASON “you save” and free and heal a REAL HUMAN SOUL, not a Holographic “ENTITY” known as these INTERNATIONALIST Global Government GLOBAL CITIZENS of all them (COVID19) FREE MASON Lodges and FREE MASON Kids!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion goes on!!!

Remember, ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST when it comes to FREE MASON C.O.P.S. also known as U.N. Troops in your “Police” and Military UNIFORM Costumes!!!

The Commander~


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