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Vaccine Death Count as of April 2022... Focus On The Numbers!

caroldickinson - 187 Views
Published on 26 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics

Two main reasons why all vaccine adverse reactions and deaths are not fully reported to VAERS and other recording services is...

# 1) Because these recording services are controlled by the Globalist elite and their pro-vaccine narrative thus threatening any doctor or nurse with their removal if their report is found false.

#2 Because the forms take @ a 1 1/2 hours to fill out for each individual whom they claim died from the vaccine. What doctor has that amount of time during a busy day... plus being threatened if they make a mistake... by the removal of their medical license.

A Harvard study showed that VAERS reports of Vaccine deaths are only 1% of the actual vaccine deaths in this nation and around the world.

The Globalist and their cronies are using this medical tyranny, which they created, to create a new form of currency. They call it the great reset... setting up a new form of currency. This new currency is called digital currency... and will be inside everyone's body and is known as the 'body sensor' or 'chip'... and they want this for every person on the planet... which will allow the globalist group to control, track and identify every person.

The chip can be turned off, with no access to funds, if they believe that person has gone against their political narrative... much like what the CCP does to their citizens there. This digital currency system is very tyrannical and evil. See more about this digital currency system and it's 'Patent' here...

Therefore the Globalist try to crush anyone who goes against the vaccines and their actual dangers... because the vaccines are directly related to this digital currency, especially due to the Graphene Hydroxide in them which is conductive with 5G... which is able to pick up on a persons body activity and also location tracking constantly. The people will become like slaves if we the people ever allow this to happen.

In the Bible it says... "My people perish for lack of knowledge" This is exactly what is happening worldwide because of the censorship of the truth of the dangers from these toxic vaccines and this tyrannical digital currency system set up. Unfortunately due to fear or threat of loss of job... people end up taking them and dying... maybe not right away. Some of the test animals took 3 years before they died. But all the test animals died. The more shots the person gets the lower their immune system becomes and the quicker they could die.

There are ways to detox... such as taking a warm bath with 5 cups of baking soda... and 5 cups of epson salts... and soaking for about 30 minutes or more to pull out some of the toxins. Brighteon has a lot of good doctors suggestions out there... on how to detox. Also pray to God that he will supernaturally remove those toxins... and don't take any more! Asking God is probably the #1 thing to do, without a doubt.

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