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Utsava:FAKE INAUGURATION-Biden won't be President. WE ARE HEADING TO EBS,Supreme court-TRUMPSARA-MILITARY ARRESTS,Vaccine code

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Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

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Our Twitter is gone!

My sources have told me that Trump went into the Marine One and gave the OK for the military to take over. Right now, the military is arresting the remaining top politicians who have been involved in treason and other crimes, or have otherwise acted against the constitution. This is the military action we have been talking about. The EBS/blackout is happening.

These days will go down in the history books. The charade we have witnessed is serving a higher purpose: to get our country back. As I have kept telling you: They got this! (regarding the voter fraud). The Patriots are in control!

Trump has been suspended from Instagram and Facebook, in addition to being permanently banned on Twitter. The only way for him to communicate will be the EBS (Emergency broadcast system). I hope you all are prepared and have enough food at home for at least a few days, in case we can't go to the grocery store. My sources also told me that there will be a new election.

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Lovestolaugh11 4 months ago

So are you saying the the original Bill and Melinda Gates were executed around the same time as Hillary, back in 2016? I had heard they were killed in Africa in 2013...by the locals of Africa or wherever they were doing the vaccines that were killing people.

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44LightAlchemist88 4 months ago

Utsava Bless You for Your Immense Courage for HUmanity and Your Love for the Animal Kingdom
Vielen Dank Utsave fuer ihren Mut fuer die Menschheit und ihre Liebe fuer die Tiere

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YourMuse 4 months ago

The mRNA they are putting in the vaccines are programable synthetic even Elon Musk talked about it...besides who needs a vaccine for a cold/flu that has a 99% survival rate. I agree with you, we don't need vaccines...it's a archaic concept and no research was ever done on cures or at least no cures or causes and we know it was a money making scam on the people.

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woody69996 4 months ago

it's a global eugenics operation. The concoction will kill you either immediately or soon thereafter. It's designed to hurt you in a very serious way.

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YourMuse 4 months ago

So excited for the med beds and cures they have been suppressing for a long time!!! Just wished it was sooner as my Dad passed from renal cell cancer which they treated with radiation...insane. Insurance doesn't pay for natural cures so he couldn't afford the Vit.C drips or other types of cures that were out then.

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YourMuse 4 months ago

I heard the laptops that were taken from Pelosi was intel on it about GE selling to China to be done in Pakistan which was to happen this week but they moved it up after her laptop got stolen and then there was a power outage...don't think it was the deep state because I think they want to stop them from selling out the GE american business that makes the fighter plane engines...anyway, I saw a post where you stated that deep state turned off the power in Pakistan but wondering if you might look into it and see if they were successful in selling GE to China in Pakistan.

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