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Utsava-ACCURATE, Alien Messages! NO Power Outage, Martial Law, E.B.S., Supreme Court, AG Barr, ELVIS, JFK Jr, Michael Jackson, Swamp Creatures, Mitch McConnell.

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Published on 21 Dec 2020 / In News and Politics

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Utsava-ACCURATE, Alien Messages! NO Power Outage, Martial Law, E.B.S., Supreme Court, AG Barr, ELVIS, JFK Jr, Michael Jackson, Swamp Creatures, Mitch McConnell.

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Uposmon 18 days ago

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Stackie227 19 days ago

Thank you for your video

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xxNinaxx 21 days ago

Utsava is wrong point after point. She makes sure to point out that her Patreon was shut down as she was making well over $10,000 a month on it! This is what she cares about: money! Amy Barrett & Kavanaugh voted AGAINST Trump with there being only two dissenting opinions of Alito & Thomas. She got that horribly wrong. Another is JFK jr. He is dead Patriots. As much as we would like that to not be true. The other thing she has wrong is the covid injection. PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS VACCINE! I WORK IN THE CHAIN OF HOSPITALS WHERE THE HEALTHCARE WORKERS BECAME GRAVELY ILL. She mentioned in another video that they were crisis actors. THEY ARE NOT! Within this same hospital chain but in another state, a pharmacist INTENTIONALLY pulled the covid vaccines we had in stock and pulled them from the refrigerator. He did this on purpose to save as many people as possible. He was fired. PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS COVID VACCINE. IT WILL ALTER YOUR DNA AND ACCORDING TO MANY OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL REPS I HAVE SPOKEN TO, THEY BELIEVE IT WILL TAKE UP TO A YEAR TO SHOW SYMPTOMS. PEOPLE ARE GETTING PARALYSIS, ACUTE REACTIONS, SWELLINGS, BODY ACHES, RASHES, FEVERS. PLEASE VET ALL INFORMATION THIS WOMAN GIVES OUT. SHE COMES OUT ATTACKING ANYONE, INCLUDING MYSELF, WHO DARE TO COUNTER HER LIES. SHE IS FULL OF EGO & PRIDE INSTEAD OF LOVE & LIGHT. BE WELL PATRIOTS!

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Kim33 23 days ago

If you knew what is in "Beyond Beef" you'd NEVER eat it. Female hormones en mass for starters. Cells of dead babies to desecrate the temple of God for another. Satanists make this crap. WAKE UP.

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FilomenaJGray 25 days ago

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