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USA vs China military power comparison 2020

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 237 Views
Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Important Note :All The Images Pictures Shown In The Video Belongs to the respected owners and not me.. i am not the owner of any pictures showed in the video

Hello friends, in this video I have compared military power between United States of America and people's republic of Chinato see who is more powerful. In this video I have compared you the Army Airforce and Navy of both countries.


armored forces eu

global fire power

| "world factbook"

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago  

The Rights of a Person as A CORPORATION International LAW…

There's a term that describes a situation when a court makes something out of nothing: It's called legal fiction. This jargon refers to the law's ability to decree that something that's not necessarily true is true. It's somewhat like a person in a discussion agreeing to accept an opinion as fact for the sake of argument in order to move the discussion along. Legal fiction helps to move proceedings along.

A sterling example of legal fiction is what's called corporate personhood. Think about it: A corporation isn't a person. It's a business, a pool of investors' money used to conduct transactions and hopefully make a profit. But in order to determine the legality of business proceedings, the legal fiction of treating a corporation as an artificial person was created.

This concept isn't new. In ancient Roman law, a corporation was considered a juristic person: a single, nonhuman entity that legally represented a group of many people [source: Sherman]. The idea makes sense; after all, a corporation is made up of people's financial contributions.

Every City is A CORPORATION… Every County is A CORPORATION… Every Nation and State and Country is a CORPORATION, and all FLAGS are CORPORATIONS…. Flowers instead of Flags you fucking {ROMAN Festival} of Black "CATHOLIC" Nobility called June – Teen – Th!!!!

Is it “Legal” to make a Natural Born Person into A Corporation.?.?.? RULE OF LAW

As nouns the difference between city and corporation is that city is a large settlement, bigger than a town while corporation is a group of individuals, created by law or under authority of law, having a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.

It is EVIDENT that People, Populations, and especially THE PERSON can not be A CORPORATION for CORPORATIONS do not die or cease to exist, but as THOMAS ANDREW SUTOR is a Corporation of the UNITED STATES and THE STATE OF GEORGIA because his National I.D. is in all CAPS then either the U.S. FLAG is a Liar and doing High Treason cause The STATE will not Protect one of its ROMAN CITIZENS by Birth no less…

India, as early as 800 BC, granted legal personhood to organizations called "sreni" that operated in the public interest. The late Roman Republic granted legal personhood to municipalities, public works companies that managed public services, and voluntary associations ("collegia") such as the early Catholic Church.

The diverse collegia had different rights and responsibilities that were independent of the individual members. Some collegia resembled later medieval guilds and were allowed to advance the needs of a trade as a whole, but collegia were otherwise barred from enriching their members.[4] In the Middle Ages, a legal "persona" could facilitate collective perpetual ownership of assets beyond the founders' lifespans, and avoid personal property inheritance laws.

And this is how we all got Stuck with these Political Class CAST SYSTEMS…..., and Kings and Queens that are now just called the LEGAL TERM word “for Dictator” that is the word PRESIDENT where all of them in these U.N. Assemblies these EVIL SPIRITS “they live” call them selves YOUR MAJESTY!!!! YOUR EXCELLENCY!!!! and yet, your LEADERS all live off YOUR Welfare and YOUR Donations called TAXES and “Religious” Gifts!!! This is how EVIL SPIRITS took over the world, and run The UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION…….

SO fuck them all!!!!



in ancient Rome corporations of persons united by the performance of religious rites or by practice of a common profession.

Collegia were of various types, including religious, priestly (such as the Arval Brethren, Pontifices, Augures, Fetiales, and Salii), trade, veteran, and funeral collegia. The head of a collegia was an elected magister. Every five years the list of members of the collegia was revised. The collegia had common sacred objects, a common treasury, and common places for religious rites, for assemblies, and for meals; they also had patrons from the upper classes. From the first century B.C.., the collegia, and particularly the trade collegia and neighborhood collegia, uniting freedmen and slaves interfered in political life; this led to their periodic ban (for example, after the First Catilinarian Conspiracy in 66 B.C.). In the era of the Roman Empire the collegia functioned only with government authorization. In addition to the traditional collegia, new ones were founded such as Augustales, in charge of the cult of the emperor, and domestic cults, which consisted of slaves who venerated the attendant spirit (genius) of their master. During the period of the late empire, membership in most of the trade collegia became compulsory.

Kulakovskii, Iu. Kollegii ν drevnem Rime. Kiev, 1882.
Shtaerman, E. M. “Rabskie kollegii i familii v period imperii.” Vestnik drevnei istorii, 1950, no. 3.

You are The Natural Biological Born Native PERSON, and in this, you are not permitted as A PERSON too adhered to any CITIZENSHIP, OWNERSHIP, and you have the RIGHT TO EXIST and be free as any other Wilde……., or “Domesticated” ANIMAL in The LAW of Nature…

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction, and theretofore, ROME cannot make You [THE PERSON] /_\ into A Corporate “Entity” just because your (COVID19) National Identification Card of Cov = Covert 2019 / I.D. {International Descent} is in ALL CAPS!!!!

The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….

Therefore…..., are you a CORPORATION….., or “A Person” for the PERSON is free to be Sovereign, Autonomous, and A Citizen of any CORPORATION FLAG, but the word EMPLOYEE under this worlds RULE OF LAWS says in “The Courts” an Employee is a SLAVE of the State and The Corporation???????, so why would you The Natural Born Person allow another Natural Born Person to make SLAVES of you by “calling you” the LEGAL Ink on Paper WORD A ward of The State???…, and the RULE OF LAW word Employee that means SLAVE to the STATE aka CORPORATION???????

The Sentinel…


Time to join we the 173 FLAGS of the ICC to Arrest any and all whom do MURDER cause Murder is against all FLAGS RULE OF LAW, and yet, your leaders say: GO KILL and MURDER for WAR!!!! Well then, does that not make WAR ILLEGAL UNDER THE RULE OF LAW?????

The Rag Tag Rebellion goes on!!!!

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