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US unveils new stealth bomber amid tensions with Russia & China | DW News

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 132 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In Spiritual

The United States has unveiled its latest stealth bomber at a ceremony in California. The multi-million dollar B-21 Raider is the first US strategic bomber to be produced in three decades - and is being unveiled at a time of heightened tensions with Russia and China.


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FlyFloatFire 2 months ago

“Bomb Canada”they say in the movie. South Park, the movie.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

We ALL start out as Children, and then SOME Children grow up to Kill Children – PizzaGATE!!!

In a World of GOOD and EVIL, you must learn Right from Wrong, but when you know we are NOW in purgatory to be judged for all Our Rights and all our Wrongs, where does that leave you when it comes to the {MIND OF GOD} [{**}] in the Book of Books whom knows your every whim, and your every desire.?.?.?

As we work our WAY down to the Final Countdown here in the What Was, What Is, and what will be in the MEMORY of our Collective Deja-Vu, do you ponder your reason for HATE......., and your reason for LOVE???

What happens to we all when HATE is all you seek, and LOVE is all youm wish to DESTROY Agenda 21 and [Agenda 2030] [{}] of the U.N. Security Council of UN Troops wearing our LOCAL Police Clothing, and ALL MILITARY FLAG UNIFORMS...

If we are but a PRODUCT of where we are Born in this SYSTEM and Teaching that Capitalism IS THE ONLY WAY........., what happens to (you and I) +=+ AND +=- when we have NO MORE CAPITAL too "Trade" in the TV Shows of BUY MY SHIT, the stocks are UP, and the stocks are DOWN, and all WARS are WAR GAMES for the United Nations Security Council of {LIES AGREED UPON} whence we all know [WE NEVER] LANDED on the MOON for the Moon is our Dead Home World PLANET EARTH in the Night and Day Sky: as we wake up here day after day' no matter how many DRUGS are "ingested" from Booster Shots up the Untold RAMIFICATIONS of Vaccinations to kill off` our Old 65+ and older in these Days of Noah RETURNED one last time…


Moreover, when you know MOVIES do not come out the Day they are Made, but TV Shows take time and effort to create the Illusion and the Delusion for the 97% on the WIDE PATH of Insanity in the New Testament GOSPEL as all of the World has gone MAD!!!

It seems those destined for the Hell of Hades a NIGHTMARE one can never wake forever and ever is all they seek in their SUITS and TIES and their Wives in their Sunday Best Church Skirt as we the 3% whom seek the NARROW PATH of Honesty on all matters must Watch them all Destroy what ever LOVE that they may have had upon Birth as a Child of Our God have all their EMOTIONS and FEELINGS of and for LOVE now only to TURN TOO HATE...

What is even more IMPRESSIVE about the nanotechnology in our Flesh and Blood and Bones is how Everything is a TV Show, or a Movie from the ELECTIONS, and Sports, made weeks if not MONTHS in advance just like the G20 Happened in JULY of 2022, but was shown to the Public of all Countries as Happened in November of 2022 on the Bloomberg TV of U.N. Troops in our LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENTS and Military Gear as JADE HELM 15 Year after Year since REX 84!!!

When everything is a CORPORATION from the Birth of Our Children to the Dead of You and Me as LEDGERS on these Tomb Stone Grave YARDS, do tell me whom get's the INHERITANCE of our CAPITAL when we die???

After all Governments ARE CORPORATIONS, Cities are CORPORATIONS, FLAGS are all Corporations of This to that, and yet flags say YOU ARE NOT ME???, So I must Kill you because YOUR FLAG is not my flag.?.?.?

Do you see N.O.W. how CORPORATIONS are the ENEMY for they have NO Feelings, they control all the LAWS where the Holy Living Bible STATES The Rule of Law by Mankind is DEATH!!!

On (Day 6) our God of GOOD and EVIL gave all things FREE as a Gift where all you had to do was Work Together as a COMMUNITY and Be Industrialist, NOT as Capitalist to Grow your OWN FOOD with all the Seeds made by Our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth in the TEN [tending] COMMANDMENTS of our Dead Celestial Sphere {Crystal Ball} the Awful Horror, and the Abomination of Desolation being THE MOON is what we did, and what we did NOT STOP from happening; as we all RELIVE it and our FATE, our LUCK, and our Destiny in the What Was, What Is, and What Will be in and from the Book of Revelation ONE LAST TIME…

Our God did not Teach you how to LOVE or HATE, you did that to your selves, and your own flesh and blood and bones babies...

It is an interesting FACT about people whom say there is NO GOD, and yet these CAPITALIST my INDUSTRIALIST keep "blaming" Our God for what you have Chosen too become for I did NOT Choose it for you...

You my Children of Our God can Give ALL YOUR "CAPITAL" to the Religion you Attend in your Small Home Towns, but your Paper Cash {FIAT Money} means NOTHING to the Source of All Creation and the Source of All Destruction when you continue to HARM Our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth in the TEN COMMANDMENTS of the Holy Living Word!!!

Christ Jesus Returned… ☃

To-day we look at the Life Style of the Bloomberg Hollywood TV people we call MODS as they use Drugs to enhance their Debt Slavery as GLOBAL CITIZENS of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 as they use NASA TESLA (Twitter) Rocket Ships to Drill HOLES into our Night and Day Sky: not knowing we are in PURGATORY reliving our Part in whom done what and why as The Wheat........, and The Tares in the New and Old Testament GOSPEL…

ALL THE Capitalist ever do is Create WEAPONS to murder you and me...

If you had a Chance to change your life once you knew THE MOON is the FINAL DESTINATION of and for The Cursed, The Damned, and the Forsaken, would you not take the OPPORTUNITY to {Change your WAYS} one last time too NOT become ONE with these Reprobate heading into Perdition.?.?.?


Here in Purgatory, you will know Right from Wrong [no matter] @QANON how much these TEDTalk Futurist use mere {CARTOON TV Shows} too keep you in Their Bondage…

YOU'M have been in Bondage since the Day youm were Created "inside" your MOTHERS Womb as Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood, and Bone of My Bone, do you not YET think it is time to see that [CAPITALIST] are the one's whom made and created Our (Bondage) saying THERE IS NO GOD but Capitalism...

Johnny Exodice

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