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US to Send Nuclear Subs to South Korea; Biden Addresses Age Concerns Amid 2024 Bid | Trailer

Published on 27 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

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President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart are meeting in Washington. Peace, stability, freedom, and nuclear deterrence are up for discussion, as aggression and threats rise in the region. Two nearby nations—China and North Korea—are behind much of that concern.

Topics in this episode:

U.S. to Send Nuclear Subs to South Korea; Biden Addresses Age Concerns Amid 2024 Bid
DeSantis for More Cooperation with Japan, S. Korea; Leaves China, Taiwan Out of His Asia Trip
Charged Chinese Police Trained in Canada: Report
Biden Would Veto Bill to Restore Solar Panel Tariffs
Xi-Zelensky Speak for First Time Since Russian Invasion
UK Tobacco Company to Pay $600M for Violating U.S. Sanctions on N. Korea
China’s Yuan Overtook Dollar for Int’l Trade in March
‘Demographic Dividend’ Lost? India’s Population to Overtake China’s: UN
Nuclear Threats from Asia a Serious Risk: Tan

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US to Send Nuclear Subs to South Korea; Biden Addresses Age Concerns Amid 2024 Bid | Trailer

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

It would appear that "nuclear" only means that fission reactors power the submarines...
I find it highly unlikely that "nuclear fusion" reactions have ever existed to cause the sheeple-dreaded "nuclear bombs" and "nuclear warheads."
Just watch this video about Hiroshima and Nagasaki: and use the logic that military never let the common citizens/shitizens to know military industrial inventions until they are 50 years old... Why? because all Freemasons running politics and military in every country don't kill other Freemasons who speak a different language... They all work together secretly to cull the sheeple with religion and wars.

The CCP running China as a communist state are the "friends" of the Freemasons running the West.
To join the CCP the minion or thUg was sign an oath (like a Freemason does) to serve the state-Cult.
Sending fake nuclear warheads close to China is just a stage-show to justify a Russia/China invasion of North America while the USA citizens paying the taxes have little military protection.

Once the mainland of the USA is invaded, then the treacherous Freemasons trample on their neighbors constitution and rights...
And the brainchip-puppet-preacher's job will be fulfilled:

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