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US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 25,587 Views
Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES. But this news comes amid a stunning defeat for Biden on vaccine mandates and a failing approval rating leaving many wondering if this is just a distraction.

Democrats have not been fairing well and this news is oddly timed, just after bad news and on a friday?

Meanwhile conservatives are slamming democrats for rejecting ted Cruz's bill to sanction nord Stream 2 and Chinese denies the expansion of its nuclear arsenal


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patrickp1 6 months ago

Here is soft ball for you guys. See if you can catch it.

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patrickp1 6 months ago

Maybe you aren't aware of how the cold war relic NATO has been pushing Russia. You guys do know that the soviet union fell back in the 90's. I would wager that Russia doesn't really have any interest in the Ukraine except keeping NATO and their "defensive" weapons off his border.

Is anyone even aware of the WEF and the attempts of globalist testicles like the WHO that are trying to start a 4th industrial revolution..... If you don't know what this is, just think brain chips and trans-humanism. This Russia thing is a total distraction.

I find it hard to believe that the author of the show is unaware of these things. The views that are being expressed here are very small minded. I might as well be watching Fox news or following Q-Anon musings. What is wrong with you guys.... Don't tell me you all haven't figured out that Trump is a globalist tool after "operation warp speed" , The assault on the middle class, and for goodness sakes the election wasn't stolen.... Trump handed it to Biden on a silver platter while stealing over 90% of the stop the steal money for the republican party. Almost none of the money went to investigate the election fraud.

Look into it. Somebody needs to slap you all in the face so you can wake up and smell the BS all around you. It's not about politics anymore guys. It's about loosing everything to the "globalist elite" ..... they actually call themselves that. its all in the open if you care to look.

Go see what they are saying at the World Economic Forum. It's not conspiracy theory, It's open and blatant plans to run every aspect of your lives. "You will own nothing and be happy" The Great Reset..... Is any one awake here?

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patrickp1 6 months ago

I don't know. I think I trust Russia more than the US. We have fabricated every "war" we have been involved with since Korea... literally. It's the truth. I just can't look at us as "the good guys" anymore. A strong Russia would balance out world power. as it stands now it's us..... and China. I don't think that's really good personally.

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darthragnar 7 months ago

Why does he ALWAYS wear a tuque ?!1, is he horribly balding?, or does he misguidedly think it is "cool" or looks "good".. I don't know about you, but I always will feel uncomfortable trusting a person who ALWAYS WEARS A DAMN TUQUE!.. Honestly it's kept me from watching many of his videos.. that and he also has an air of pompous arrogance about him. I am an empath, and I just don't feel comfortable with this guy. ... What is he hiding?..

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Tim is bald. And he’s a tool.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 7 months ago

Anyone rember the good ole days…. Like the late 1970’s when the US was being bullied by the Soviets, Iranians and Chinese? Or when inflation was astronomical? Or our military had been diminished from within? Or when our economy was misfiring? Or when the nation wondered how just a few years earlier the family and the sanctity of life itself were dealt a major blow by the Supreme Court?

Those “good ole days” sure seem a lot like these days.

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