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US funds Wuhan coronavirus lab; Washington's 'bargaining chip' on Beijing

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 90 Views
Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In Health

The Treasury secretary says the U.S. will keep tariffs on Chinese goods in place, for now.

Senator Cotton calls for targeted decoupling with Communist China -- saying the U.S. is once again at a crossroads of her destiny.

Washington has an ace up its sleeve that could be used against Beijing. Without it, Chinese airplanes can’t fly.

The lab in Wuhan at the center of pandemic controversy receives funds from American taxpayers. It’s set to continue until 2024.

And a Chinese professor is found to live in the U.S. even though he’s known for making anti-American remarks.

00:00 Intro
00:42 U.S. Treasury sec: tariffs on China will stay
01:44 Sen. Cotton wants targeted decoupling with China
02:58 Washington's 'bargaining chip' on Beijing
05:32 U.S. Taxpayers fund Wuhan coronavirus lab
06:27 Virus leaked from lab: german scientist
08:10 WHO-led expert team's China ties revealed
09:43 Beijing threatened by Tesla's growth: experts
11:29 Controversial professor revealed to live in U.S.
14:12 Pelosi 'proud' of U.S. Genocide label on China
15:44 House revives Xinjiang forced labor bill
16:20 Fleeing Hong Kongers seek new life in London
18:31 Europe's response to CCP media influence
20:49 Quad alliance wants a free Indo-pacific

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US taxpayers fund controversial Wuhan coronavirus lab; Washington's 'bargaining chip' on Beijing
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