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US Bank Collapse Fallout: Another Bank In the US Rescued | Vantage with Palki Sharma ​

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 97 Views
Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Episode 37: US Bank Collapse Fallout: Another Bank In The US Rescued | Vantage with Palki Sharma ​

In today's episode:

Another U.S. Bank Rescued
- Xi Jinping Tightens Grip On China
- Chinese "Assault Weapons" For Russia​​
- Poland, Slovakia Put NATO In Tight Spot
- UK Called "Hostile & Authoritarian"
- New Bans On TikTok
- Türkiye Devastation: First Earthquakes, Now Floods
- Kim Jong Un's Daughter At Missile Launch
- Close Encounter: House-Sized Asteroid Near Earth
- Vantage Shots

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Maturebeauty 3 months ago

The SVB Bank was seized by the FBI for issuing fraudulent loans and its implications of laundering money generated from human trafficking. The bank didn’t just collapse because of financial mishandling. The “CONTAGIONS” that other banks soon to fail is their direct involvement in money laundering generated by human trafficking. Dig a little deeper people, wake up!

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