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Urgent Transmission: Something Big is Happening on Mars! How our Higher Self can Help on Mars(2021)

The Human Collective
Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

#MarsWar2021 #LuciferRebellion #MarsUpdate #GalacticFederation #GalacticFederationofLight #Nibiru #Anunnaki #Orions #Reptilians #Ascension #HigherSelf

In this channeled session, the Galactic Federation has given important updates about what is happening on Mars, and tell us how we can assist them using our higher self in the upcoming Martian War. Further, they told us that the negative oriented beings have called upon Luceferian beings to assist them on Mars. And coming of Nibiru planet is explained in this session.

This is the channeling about Elohims which I had done before:

This is Ashtar's meditation video:

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