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Upside Down of Right Pt 1

Nutnfancy - 37,957 Views
Published on 15 Nov 2020 / In Firearms

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You have not been imagining things. The world has indeed turned upside down. What was long held to be right, correct, virtuous, and overall good is now being represented as bad...even evil. In this multi-part Nutnfancy Life Philosophy video we will attack that with a truth grenade. So hang on as we delve into the darkness that is happening in the USA.

Several pillars hold up our free society as we know it. They are good, right, wholesome, and time proven. And yet there is a well financed "gaslighting " process in play to convince people just the opposite. What is happening is not grassroots or spontaneous; it an orchestrated well planned assault on our Republic. It is designed to change our freedoms, our wealth levels, our freedom of speech, our freedom of movement, our freedom of self improvement, and much more. In short, it is all designed to change our system of government as I've talked about for years in TNP. It is working.

For this to be successful, many have been brainwashed in Marxist principles. I'll use the words of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector, to show this isn't some whack's actually happened and happening. He warned us of several phases [demoralization, destabilization, crisis] which I'll discuss...they all lead to "Crisis" phase out of which a new tyrannical government, promising great reforms and peace, will emerge. They will call this "Normalization" just like they did in 1968 Czechoslovakia.

To attack the pillars of American Life, discussed here is to gain widespread changes in this country. You will not recognize it afterwards and it seems we are heading that way. Millions subscribe to this way of thinking, happy to castigate good things in America.

Even a casual look on the internet will reveal their methods: violence, riots, assaults, assassinations of police, firebombing, attacks against good people passing through, laser eye attacks, false accusations, dehumanization of conservatives, and much more. All this is from the Left and all is supported and encouraged by the Dems and its CPF.

Perhaps this will frame things for your understanding. What is happening, why is it happening, and what is coming in the future are questions that may have weighed on your mind. We are in a very dangerous period and most Americans are in denial or they support the destruction of our way of Life. Prepare accordingly!

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Wink Wankerman
Wink Wankerman 9 months ago

They also clearly have been trying to bait conservatives into violent conflict. So they can publish the video and images across the liberal media.

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Wink Wankerman
Wink Wankerman 9 months ago

Thanks Nutn'...I needed this.

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Bertie Wooster
Bertie Wooster 10 months ago

Resentment has become the world’s fuel and life force ... resentment of station, circumstance, salary, influence, etc. Foucault has won, sadly. But we have as Burke said platoons of patriots ... Thanks, Nutn!

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TangoKiloSierra 10 months ago

As a satanist, I disagree with you on the whole situation of religion, I could argue with you for ages. But i'll just suck it up and accept that your perception of reality is part of your expression, and I value your expression, So I'l just focus on that part.

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Bertie Wooster
Bertie Wooster 10 months ago

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

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Noaspect45 10 months ago

Nutn Here from YouTube I miss your philosophy vides . Ie American is a sinking ship.

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