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UPDATE: Polish Pastor Now Facing Arrest Warrant, The Covid-19(84) Gestapo Is Killing The Church!!!

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Published on 04 May 2021 / In News and Politics

UNRELENTING: Corporate enforcement Thugs are out to let you know their Boot is on your neck.

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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey 5 days ago

Message to Art Pawlowski
This is a congrats and wake up call for Artur to know the true power of wisdom!!


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Edward Jay Robin Paraclete

https://ugetube.com/watch/mess....age-to-art-pawlowski Dan would not dare interview me as I actually cut to the chase with the truth and Dan is not that kind of a reporter...I find that youtube sensationalists do not like the exposing of the fraud to such an extent I take it so they avoid me as it makes their ownresearch look moot..

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Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis 5 days ago

Adolf Hitler and the Germans were ALWAYS the Good Guys...Guaranteed...Hitler is NOT a Rothschild, the Rothschilds had NOTHING to do with funding the Germans...Adolf Hitler got rid of the Rothschild Banking System, they arrested Baron Louis Rothschild and dismantled his Vienna-based Banking Empire that had a stranglehold on the world, and outlawed USURY...there was NO DEBT in Germany...Germany created their own currency based up a day's worth of honest labour, and that was backed by Gov't created Treasury notes...and then the German went to work building the greatest products the world has ever seen...Hitler's very own Volkswagen (Peanut Car) was so well made, it is STILL the #1 car used in much of Mexico, Central America and South America...

Adolf Hitler and the Germans were Goodly, Godly people...they put God and the Bible first while tolerating ALL religions...Lloyd George, former British Prime Minister, visited Herr Hitler on many occasions calling Hitler the Greatest Man alive, and said that the standard of living for the average German worker was So Great, that the only thing that compared to this wealth and quality of life in Britain was the life enjoyed by the British nobility...the Haavara Act, or Transfer Agreement between Adolf Hitler and the Haavara Corporation in Palestine bringing German Jews to the Holy Land in preparation for the future nation-state of Israel blows the "Hatred of Jews" dialogue out of the water, and rebukes the notion of a holocaust. From August of 1933 until 1941, Adolf Hitler offered safe passage for any German Jew who wanted to move to Palestine, and transferred their vast wealth for them in a variety of ways, one of which was to receive compensation for houses and land left behind in Germany with German Made goods which were worth their weight in Gold, worldwide...during this time, Hitler transferred HALF A TRILLION Dollars of German Jew Money and Goods to Palestine. The Germans created a system where any German Jew could lodge a complaint about this process to ensure that all were fairly treated, and during these 8 years, NOT ONE German Jew complained...now, if Adolf Hitler was a "Nut" and had some crazed agenda to take over the world (unlikely since he reached out to the world 22 times in search of a Peace Treaty that would either have prevented or ended WWII), and was planning to murder every Jew imaginable, then why did he allow them all to "escape" to Palestine, and why wouldn't he have seized their money??? Half a Trillion dollars during WWII was an unfathomable amount of wealth. He didn't, because he wouldn't, because he was a Man of God...

Hitler did EVERYTHING that President Trump and the Q Team are trying to do for us, and like the Q Team, Hitler wanted this Freedom for ALL Peoples, ALL Nations...why 'o why did Hitler invade Russia on June 22, 1941??? To Rid the World of the Communist VAMPIRES, and again, not just for Germany, but for ALL Mankind...Hitler knew that Communist Russia had become the HQ Nation-State on Earth for the Vampiric Cabal after Lincoln drove them out of the South of the United States thru the Civil War. This is why this small nation, isolated and alone, because of the Cabal's Control over the United States, fought the Battle of ALL Battles for the Future of Mankind against the rest of the world...and they almost WON, and would have if it had not been for the False Flag event at Pearl Harbour bringing the Americans into the War...this is the Truth of WWII, not the massive Lies that are bantered about by the Cabal in virtually every Quarter...

This is why Henry Ford became such close friends with Adolf Hitler, as did Joseph Kennedy Sr, and Hundreds of other major world Business and Political leaders, who saw the Light in the Words and Deeds of this Man...this is why Joe Kennedy arranged for JFK to tour Germany just a month after the war ended, and it is why JFK wrote in his journal that Adolf Hitler was the world's most MISUNDERSTOOD man, and that, in time, he would become to be known as the Great Man that he was...Henry Ford's favorite President was Abraham Lincoln, thus, Hitler is connected to Lincoln and his Sacred work, thru Henry Ford...Hitler is connected to JFK's Presidency and President Donald J. Trump and the Q Team via his friendship with Joe Kennedy Sr...thus, Lincoln, Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, Joe Kennedy, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Donald J. Trump and John F. Kennedy Jr are ALL PART of this Family to rid the world of our Vampiric Hosts...the real "Virus" (Coronavirus = Carnivorous) are the Cabal, the Communists, the Venetians, who are the Phoenicians, who are the Canaanites from the Bloodline of Cain...who MURDERED Abel and then proceeded to Drain Abel's Blood and drink it, and then spirit Cook his body...Cain ate Abel is how you get the word, CANNIBAL...and this madness has gone on from Day One...because it is all Left Brain vs. Right Brain and it is incredibly this simple...

Cast Thy Net to God...which is to the Right...The Right Hemisphere of your Brain, because the Devil, which is your EGO, resides as the Prince of Darkness "to the left, to the left..."

And Again, ALL of this IS THE TRUTH, whether you like it or not...and you need to begin to embrace it because the Truth is GOD, and if you forsake the Truth because you refuse to change, well, that my friends IS the Devil...within You! Trust in God, Trust in our Sacred Mother Earth, Trust in Jesus Christ...for they are our One, True Family, for all time...

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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey 5 days ago

Amazing great info....

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