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United States is Destroyed From Within, with some Russian propaganda?

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 06 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

United States is Destroyed From Within, with some Russian propaganda?

He reports great stuff, great history lesson, but it is directed to another objective. Original title of this video is, Russia Recruits Americans as the United States is Destroyed From Within. The Russian recruitment section is more right on than not.
source here,

Reese, He always omits, questionable, israel, jewish and zionist activity. He does show a mossad emblem, half a second, but if you blinked you would of missed it. Never accuses jewish zionist behind all this mess. He explains about the GLOBALIST CONTROL, but who are they, the ZIONIST

Started off in the title , raising doubts about Russias intent, and it was not an invasion into Ukraine.

Now wait doesn’t the USA train and arm terrorist. Have we forgot about Al Queda, ISIL, 911 hijackers, white helmets, and so many other terrorist groups,
and oh yes the russian wagner groups. Can you say, USA NED, USAID, SOROS, funding mercenary war criminals. Oh yes, PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. IN MY OPINION, This Russia propaganda announcement is right on. And correctly challenges the MSM propaganda narrative.

So you wonder why I get hassled and deleted on the google zionist media.

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