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Undun by The Guess Who We've Been Going the WRONG WAY in our Lives.mp4

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 255 Views
Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In How-to and Style

Morpheus 9-11 statement:
I really love this song from the boys in Winnipeg! It sheds light on the lies and disinformation spread by the women's liberation movement when in reality, the problem was the suppression of the divinity of women by churches and public schools. This song has been a favorite of mine since I lived in Montreal before I turned 11 years old.


This song is Brilliant for so many reasons, but two to focus upon are the fact that Randy lays out for us that we have All been TAUGHT to go the Wrong Way in our lives, and still, Randy writes with such Sympathy and Empathy because he knows that it not only happened to him as well, but to ALL of us, and from our Born Date, as we have been LIED to about everything in our Lives...

During the Songs Classic Refrain, Bachman wrote:

Too many mountains and not enough stairs to climb
Too many churches and not enough truth
Too many people and not enough Eye's to see
Too many lives to lead and not enough time

Revealing to us that 'They' have placed Roadblocks before us, instead of Free Pathways upon which to Travel to destinations Unknown...that 'They' have given us Churches but No Spiritual Truth, that the World is filled with People who CAN'T SEE, as their EYE is not turned on, and that we have been given an Infinite Life to Follow Infinite Pathways, but the Construct of Linear time, and the Acceptance of Death has taken away the Necessary 'Time' it takes to explore them all...

The Song shows us that without following the WAY of the SON, we become LOST in Life, and then we become UNDUN, un-made by God, replaced with a False Self, 'Built' by the Hands of Man, perpetually going the Wrong Way, and never finding that Road that leads to God, WITHIN US...

Enjoy, CF

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