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Underwater 5G Massacre Rips through Water Explodes Brains of Dolphins for Pharaoh-s Submarine Chat

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Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In Travel and Events

Humanity is a young and rather naive new species upon Earth.
The majority of our species have just sat back expecting the Cult-sworn secret-societies to control everything of political and societal importance without bothering to analyze and evaluate just what the thUg-network of minions are doing.
The majority of most individuals born into separate countries have allowed the Mystery School Cult to dominate them. When a perceptive soul takes a stand against the network-of-thUgs the majority of unsworn just kick that soul in the ass or ignores... turns their backs upon that soul to be dragged down by the wwCult that hides in the shadows.

When you see the wwCult of thUgs destroy your food-sources, your rights and freedoms, your homes, and then yourselves... You need to realize that you wanted someone else to take-on your personal responsibility to expose their thUggery.

I was amazed, eighteen years ago, when the unsworn were so lost in the deception that they could not be awakened. I awakened myself, so why could I not help an unsworn to awaken by holding their hand, helping them see reality?

It is rather funny, we still have unsworn idiots, stumbling through their life-long brainwashing. Mesmerized by the thUgs.

The thUgs are going down the tubes since they have turned their backs upon their own source-selves guidance. As they murder the unsworn they feel what they are dong wrong, but they have been tricked by their master's lies that A.I. will save their souls from repercussions... it is amazing to witness, but this is their chosen path to die-out as a traitor against their own species. It is amazing to watch them try to murder their path into a fake-Utopia. While their source-self screams at them to convert to a better way of living.

The physical framework that we live in is not just a playground of learning to love others. It is also a trap to remove the unworthy souls that shrink away with their hatred and self-righteous greed. We are living in a times where the multiverse will split a major way. One way will be for the deceptive, murderous thUgs to advance towards their self-annihilation. They think that they are springing the trap upon the unsworn, but they are actually too self-righteous to realize that they are the ones within the trap of their own choosing. Good luck, but "luck" does not exist, thUgs.

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King James
King James 1 month ago

Cell towers stretching coast to coast emit GHz that prevent red blood cells from absorbing oxygen & cause blood to coagulate. Wearing a diaper around your head reduces oxygen & increases Co2 levels. The combined reduction of oxygen can cause a myriad of Flu like symptoms & be the actual cause of the current Kung-Flu/COVID-19 PANDEMIC? The PCR test is designed to detect virile load & can NOT identify a virus that has yet to be isolated. Welcome to the club Mr.Ross, very few sheep will ever connect the dots or have the balls to risk there lives attempting to exposé one of the eugenicists plans.

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1 month ago

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