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Understanding Consciousness Rupert Sheldrake- George Ellis- Amie Thomasson

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Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In Science

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Why is there something rather than nothing? Also available as a podcast episode of Philosophy for our Times:

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The fundamental problem of philosophy, argued Heidegger is 'why is there something rather than nothing?' . Now, some scientists claim nothing doesn't exist and even the deepest space is full of virtual particles. Have we misunderstood the very idea of nothing? Is this little more than a logical mistake, or might understanding nothing just be the key to explaining the universe?

Rupert Sheldrake: Biologist known for his research into parapsychology, evolution and morphic resonance, as well as author of The Science Delusion

George Ellis: Templeton prize winner and cosmologist, Ellis has been awarded the Order of the Star of South Africa by Nelson Mandela and is an expert on relativity.

Amie Thomasson: Amie Thomasson is an American philosopher, currently Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth College. Thomasson specializes in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, phenomenology and the philosophy of art.


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