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Ukraine War - Made in Switzerland

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 440 Views
Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In Film and Animation

⁣The Suisse Secrets banking scandal of 2022 got announced on February 20th, and only 4 days later on February 24th the SwiSS banking client President Putin started the senseless Ukraine war in order to silence up the biggest banking scandal, the world has ever seen. Mission Accomplished: now everyone, all politricksters and all media liars only talk about the Ukraine War with the Suisse Secrets scandal being
completely forgotten as being entirely non existent. Thus Putin and the rest of the Swiss WEF gangsters have the time to transfer the money from the SwiSS Credit Suisse Bank to a safer place. The scandal involves
more than 30.000 criminal bank clients with more than 100 Billion Dollars of criminal money in assets. Small innocent defenceless Ukrainian children have to be butchered and sacrificed, so the SwiSSies can make their money! The Ukraine War shows the true essence of corporotism intertwined with the military industrial complex in a criminal setup and conflict of interest dripping down from it, like the saliva of the hungry SwiSS Beast dripping down on the base of the Whore of Babylon in the Alps, who's riding the Beast. And all Nations of the earth have traded with the Whore of Babylon in the Alps; all dictators, all criminals and Aristocrats have their money in those dirty SwiSS Nazi-Templar Banks and are all trading with The Swiss Beast - Home of
the Devil.

From Truther: Giureh - G.I.U.R.E.H.

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