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Ukraine Update Jan 27, 2023

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Published on 27 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

War chariot of the Russian army- BMPT Terminator tank support combat vehicle, two 30mm cannons, two coaxial machine guns, two automatic grenade launchers and guided missiles.
💥In Kupyansk direction, the 'Zapad' Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on concentration of manpower of 14th and 92nd mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) close to Sinkovka, Timkovka (Kharkov region), and Novoselovskoye (Lugansk People's Republic).
◻️More than 20 Ukrainian troops, 1 armored combat vehicle, 1 pickup truck, and 1 D-20 howitzer were eliminated.
💥In Krasny Liman direction, units of the 25th Airborne and 95th Airborne Assault Brigades of the AFU close to Yampolovka (Donetsk People's Republic), as well as Serebryansky forest area, were hit by strikes of Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation of the 'Tsentr' Group of Forces.
◻️The enemy's losses during the day in this area amounted to up to 70 troops killed and wounded, two armored fighting vehicles, and four US-made M-777 artillery systems.
💥In Donetsk direction, units of the 'Yug' Group of Forces took better ground and positions during the offensive. An artillery ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been destroyed near Konstantinovka (Donetsk People's Republic).
◻️More than 40 Ukrainian servicemen, an infantry fighting vehicle, two Grad MLRS systems, a US-made M109 Paladin self-propelled artillery unit, two D-20 and Giatsint-B howitzers, and a US-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radiation station have been neutralized.
💥In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, units of the 'Vostok' Group of Forces, continuing their offensive, inflicted fire on the enemy in the areas of Ugledar (Donetsk People's Republic), Pavlovka and Levadnoye (Zaporozhye region).
◻️Total enemy losses in this direction amounted to 60 Ukrainian servicemen, three armored fighting vehicles, and two pick-up trucks. Moreover, two fuel storage facilities for military equipment and three ammunition depots belonging to the AFU were destroyed near Ugledar (Donetsk People's Republic) and Chervonoye and Kantserovka (Zaporozhye region).
💥In Kherson direction, three D-20 howitzers, a Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, and two US-made AN/TPQ-37 and AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar stations were annihilated as part of counter-battery countermeasures. People's Republic).
💥Also, four ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hit in the areas of Dudchany, Tokarevka (Kherson region), and Chervonogrygovka, Dnepropetrovsk Region.
- Russian Defense Ministry

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