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UK Passes "Online Safety Bill", Zelensky NYC Meetings, The "Civilized War", Naomi Biden In NY

Published on 24 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

The United Kingdom has quietly passed the Online Safety Bill which creates (OFCOM) The Office of Communications. Is this a similar attempt to the United States "Scary Poppins" fiasco that failed? The Law awaits Royal approval. Volodomyr Zelensky holds secret New York City meetings with JP Morgan and Blackrock. McCarthy denied Zelensky the ability to address Congress. New Jersey Senator Menendez and wife indicted on bribery charges, what took so long? Zelensky asks Marina Abramovic to be Ambassador for Ukraine. Republicans block Pentagon spending bill. I look into Tore Maras article about Naomi Biden working in the New York executive chamber in 2017. What was she really doing there? Biden pick is confirmed as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q Brown is replacing General Mark Milley after senator Tuberville held up his confirmation. Marines are under fire for flying the F-35 over South Carolina during thunderstorm as report shows the jets cannot handle storms well. Can this jet not fly in bad weather? Biden repeats story word for word just minutes apart sparking concerns. New York City councilwoman sounds alarm, says tens of thousands of illegal aliens pouring into Eagle Pass Texas will make their way to New York City within a week. Third IRS official claims Justice Department blocked Weiss from charging Hunter Biden. New Orleans declares state of emergency due to salt water infiltrating into the Mississippi River. Portland police chief steps down after Mayor Ted Wheeler says he won't run for re-election. Signatories of Hunter Biden laptop letter get plum jobs. State Department IT administrator indicted on charges of leaking intelligence reports to foreign spy. Brazilian Supreme court votes to uphold indigenous land rights. Ray Epps pleads guilty to J6 misdemeanor. Longstanding New York illegal aliens now pushed out of jobs by newer illegal aliens. Eagle Pass Texas mayor warns of chaos engulfing the city. Biden brags the illegal aliens pouring over our borders is by design in past speech. Biden plans to track illegal aliens let into the United States with i.d cards. Illegal aliens are making 3,000 a month as they work illegally as food delivery drivers and send their kids to New York public schools and live in
hotel rooms in midtown Manhattan that tourists routinely pay hundreds of dollars a night for. Biden has secretly let 221,456 illegal aliens fly into the United States this past year as well. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson quietly signs 29 million dollar contract with migrant firm to provide cold weather tents in at least 6 locations to house illegal aliens in Chicago. Government funded migrant healthcare staffing firm was paying 200 dollars an hour for workers working at migrant facilities with one person was making 14,000 dollars a week and another employee was making 20,000 dollars a week. Hochul wants to end New York's "right to shelter rule" as illegal alien crisis surges, but its not a law in the first place, its a mandate. France says 69% of foreigners commit violent crimes on trains
and public transport, such as robberies and sexual assaults. Lin Wood revealed as a witness for the State in Georgia lawsuit. India suspends visa service for Canadians. Devastating risks of transitioning to "green energy" mining for electric powering minerals is polluting land, rivers and streams in massive numbers. Leaving more than 23 million people exposed to toxic waste from mining. Why is the Clinton Global Initiative rebooting itself? Hunter Biden's mugshot being concealed, why was Trump's so readily available? Ted Cruz warns Dems could discard Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama, is this the plan? Displaced Maui residents set to return to Lahaina why did it take so long to allow people to return? What was done in the dark? Seattle pulls the plug on initiative to end homelessness just two years after beginning. FBI informant created one of the largest neo Nazi groups in the United States history, why did the FBI work with him? Biden establishes new office of gun violence prevention and its run by Kamala Harris. Horrific photos from military bases show mold, overflowed toilets and soldiers forced to live in horrible conditions. Diamond prices are crashing even though they are artificial in nature to begin with, forcing Russian mining giant to halt sales. How about Debeers? Doomsday cult leader claims he is a reincarnation of Jesus living on Philippine island. Is he turning 1,500 kids into sex slaves? New York changes state election laws enacts ten new laws including vote by mail measure. McCarthy fails for second time to advance bill funding defense department as Ukraine sows division. Rupert Murdoch steps down as head of Fox News. Venezuela's Tocoron prison raided by 11,000 soldiers. Inmates had been left to run the prison for years. The prison had a zoo, casino, nightclub and supermarket. Wisconsin introduces legislation to eliminate the ERIC system. Acting New York State Police Chief Steven Negrelli resigns. Vermont town closes road to stop influx of online influencers taking photos. Online Safety bill impact assessment not covered. More news.

(Online Safety Bill Impact Assessment)

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