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Tyranny – Corruption – Greed – The American Chernobyl – Lack Luster Media Exposes their Lies & Corruption

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 300 Views
Published on 22 Feb 2023 / In Film and Animation

From Lack Luster Media: It's been nearly impossible for us to find a private company to test our private well for volatile chemicals. I spent hours on the phone and writing emails to companies that might handle it, to no avail. My county will only test for bacteria, and the Ohio EPA won't accept out of state samples. We are drinking bottled water only, and limiting our exposure to our well water until we can ensure our safety. The one point I'd like to touch more on is the power of alternative media. This story was all but buried in the mainstream media just days after the incident. Scores of independent journalists, such as the ones mentioned in this video, worked tirelessly to ensure this story stayed relevant. And still DO! In fact, I am heading out there this evening to meet with a few of them. If it wasn't for powerful, FREE voices, acting as FREE press, assembling and redressing our grievances with our government, publishing our stories to Tik Tok, Meta, YouTube and more, this would have surely been a "nothing-burger".

Video From Truther: Lack Luster Media

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