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Twitter Files Part 1 Full Read, Balenciaga Drops Suit, NY AG Chief Of Staff Resigns, Raelism "Religion"

Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Yesterday Elon Musk along with journalist Matt Taibbi released the "Twitter Files" part 1. An examination of internal emails and correspondences that went on in the lead up to the 2020 election when Twitter censored the New York Post's story that shared excerpts from Hunter Biden's emails from his laptop that had been left in a computer repair store and never picked up again. John Paul Mac Isaac then gave the computer to the FBI who sat on it for over a year. Part 2 of the Twitter files will be released later today. Twitter had used its hacked policy to censor the New York Post's story only weeks before a presidential election caused stern reactions from both parties. Hunter Biden's old law firm, Boies Schiller and Flexner, received ten million dollars in forgiven PPP loans. Balenciaga drops 25 million dollar lawsuit over controversial campaign. Musk teases more explosive Twitter Files will be released after part 1 release yesterday. New York Attorney General Letitia James chief of staff Ibrahim Khan resigned after allegations surfaced he harassed two women. The symbol Kanye West tweeted out was for a UFO religion called Raelism, who later changed the symbol of their religion due to others claiming it looked like a swastika inside a star of David. Trump stands with the January 6th people being kept in jail indefinitely. New York Times journalists pledge walkout for 24 hours if their salary demands are not met. The Guardian could help Julian Assange by retracting all the lies it told about him in its articles. How is it so many websites can keep articles up with incorrect information in them with no repercussion? Jim Jordan turns up heat on Obama intel chiefs and FBI brass implicated in bias complaints. Raytheon reveals U.S. plan to remove anti-air systems from gulf for Ukraine. CIA hires "chief well being officer". Biden weighs reviving Trump era immigration restrictions. Elise Stefanik alleges USPS employees opened her campaign mail four different times and stole election funds totaling 20,000 dollars. Secession movements gain traction in different parts of the United States. New study on vitamin D fighting covid. Akon defends Kanye Wests comments that he likes Hitler. More news.


(Twitter Files Part 1 Matt Taibbi Twitter)

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Ash WE ARE THE NEWS (WATN) 2 months ago  

Jack Dorsey's Email in this exchange with Vijaya Gadde is [email protected]:

The original link is dead though:

here's my truthsocial post with that tweet from yesterday:

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Pedro-Martin de Clet
Pedro-Martin de Clet 2 months ago

List of FBI/CIA Agents Still Employed at Twitter

1. Kevin Michelena – Current Twitter Sr. Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI Intelligence Analyst 12 years

2. Doug Hunt – Current Twitter Senior Director. Ex FBI Special Agent 20 years.

3. Mark Jaroszewski – Current Twitter Director Corporate Security/Risk. Ex FBI 20 years.

4. Douglas Turner – Current Twitter Senior Manager, Corporate and Executive Security Services. Ex FBI 14 years. Ex Secret Service 7 years.

5. Patrick G. – Current Twitter Head of Corporate Security. Ex FBI Special Agent 23 years.

6. Karen Walsh – Current Twitter Director – Corporate Resilience. Ex FBI Special Agent 21 years.

7. Russell Handorf – Current Twitter Senior Staff Technical Program Manager. Ex FBI 10 years.

8. Michael B. – Current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI 23 years.

9. Vincent Lucero – Current Twitter Senior Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 22 years.

10. Kevin L. – Current Twitter Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 25 years.

11. Matthew W. – Current Twitter Senior Director of Product Trust, Revenue Policy, and Counsel Systems & Analytics. Ex FBI 15 years.

12. Claire O. – Current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI 8 years.

13. Bruce A. – Current Twitter Director, Corporate Security. Ex FBI 23 years.

14. Jeff Carlton – Current Twitter Senior Manager. Ex FBI & CIA Intelligence Analyst 3 years.

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thank you friend I covered this article in my newest dig today, twitter files part 4 amazing article.

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Theroadtroll 2 months ago

Another good vid. Missed your vid yesterday.ill have to catch up.damn right about border see my burglar alarm in the pic.and he can run close to 40 mph thru the field.have a good rest of weekend and thanks

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