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Twitter Erupts Over Elon Musk's Ukraine Solution; DOJ Reveals Peter Strzok's Termination Letter

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 05 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

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1. SCOTUS Overturns Ruling on Mass. Gun Law
2. Concealed Carry Insurance Providers See Boom
3. SCOTUS Rejects Healthcare Worker Challenge
4. CDC Ends COVID-19 Advisory Country List
5. Peter Strzok's Termination Letter Revealed
6. Potentially Sensitive Material Uncovered
7. Trump Sues CNN for Defamation
8. Lawsuit Says Libel and Slander Against Trump Recently Escalated
9. Twitter Erupts Over Musk Ukraine Solution
10. Political Violence Against Conservatives
11. Congress: +25% More NJ Antisemitic Attacks
12. ‘Rise in Emboldened Hatred’ Towards U.S. Jews
13. To End Jew Hatred ‘Respond With Kindness’
14. 4 States Sending National Guardsmen to Border
15. World to Follow U.S., China Recessions: Prof.
16. High Rates Curb Inflation, Cause Recession
17. What Can U.S. Do About Inflation?
18. 'Price Controls Are Not the Answer': Prof.
19. Role of Energy Prices in Inflation
20. 'Increase the Supply' to Lower Energy Prices
21. NJ Lawmakers Want Costco Gas for Nonmembers
22. Fraud and Theft Are Growing on Zelle
23. Study: NYC Office Bldgs Value Could Sink by $453b
24. Elizabeth Holmes' Sentencing Date Pushed Back
25. US Condemns N.Korea Missile Launch
26. China Sells Excess U.S. Liquefied Gas to Europe
27. Chinese Businesses Keeping Europeans Warm
28. Burkina Faso's 2nd Military Coup in One Year
29. Russian Scientist Died Under House Arrest
30. Russian Journalist Flees House Arrest
31. Amur Leopards Threatened by Russian Wildfires
32. Gov't U-turns on Plan to Scrap 45% Tax Rate
33. Ofgem Warns of Gas Shortages This Winter
34. UK Fireworks Fizzle Out Amid Rising Costs
35. Italian Farmers Refrigerate Apples in Caves
36. Spain Rail Disaster Trial Set to Begin
37. Australians Relish Dinosaur Fossil Hunting
38. Chile’s ‘Flowering Desert’ National Park
39. Basketball Half-court Finals at Pyramids
40. 207-year-old Outdoor Pool Reopens in England
41. When It Comes to Muscle, Use It or Lose It
42. One of World's Rarest Pink Diamonds on Sale
43. Challenging the Largest Dog Wedding Record
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