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TW: CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out

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Published on 13 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Some potentially triggering topics mentioned in this video include: CIA child snuff trafficking (graphic descriptions), Mk Ultra/Monarch mind control, cultural disbelief, deep underground military bases, genocide, institutional white supremacy, propaganda, generational organized crime, implied forced perpetration, post-traumatic stress, polyfragmented dissociative identities (incl. exponential fragmentation), grief, rescuing trafficked children, threat of human extinction outside of the underground and the rise of the "new world order"


In this video, I explain that I was born in Central Texas in 1996 into a CIA child snuff ring known as Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory, aka The Genocide Factory due to its participation in the systematic extermination of children of color that the United States military has been perpetrating for many, many years.

There, alongside many others, I suffered Hell on Earth and while I have escaped, my life is still in flames. Most people, including mental health professionals, are oblivious to the world in which we survivors live and react out of violence, not compassion, when confronted with the deepest aspects of human suffering. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming for them, so they reject the victims with the crimes. And the crimes continue.

If you are a survivor, I applaud you for your strength and will to live. If you are an ally, I thank you from the deepest place in my heart. And if this information is new to you, or you have yet to open your heart, I ask of you only one thing: to look and have compassion. If millions of children have the strength to endure these horrors, then perhaps you at least have the strength to listen when one of us survives to speak about it.


Links to my testimonies about exponential fragmentation: 

Exponentially Fragmented & Fractalline Dissociative Identity Disorder (1/2): https://youtu.be/DouYcAn3Mzg
Exponentially Fragmented & Fractalline Dissociative Identity Disorder (2/2): https://youtu.be/5H3yPilliXs

Integration from Exponential Fragmentation Pt 1 - Splitting Factories: https://youtu.be/DbQJgoBHffI
Integration from Exponential Fragmentation Pt 2 - Gridlocking: https://youtu.be/761yUIWu1n8


Update (8/11/18):

Due to some rather ignorant comments people have made since this video got a sudden influx of attention two days ago, I'd like to inform anyone who sees this that I did not read off a script in the normal sense of the word. Dissociated parts of my system collaborated extensively with one another inside in order to outline how best to present our story to the general public in under ten minutes, but a lot of it was unplanned and we never wrote anything down. If it looks like I am reading from a script, it is because I am accessing a partially formed eidetic script, so to speak, of things my system and I agreed to say. While I'm not saying we were programmed to say what we said, it is a function of us having been programmed that we can read our own pre-planned thoughts like that. Eidetic memory and other such abnormal abilities are common for survivors of Mk and something we have experienced since we were very small.

If I had not at least mentally outlined what I was going to say before I said it, I would have gotten lost in my trauma and gone off on unnecessary tangents. I wanted to give the clearest, most potent message possible that would reach the most people possible, so I thought about what I was going to say before I recorded this, but I never wrote anything down, nor was everything I said pre-planned.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and considers what I've said and thank you to everyone who has shown me support. It means more to us than we can verbally convey.


Update (5/29/19):

We just discovered that the comments on this video have been disabled and we want to make sure people know that we did not disable them ourselves. We don't know why this has happened, although of course we have ideas. Upon researching the issue just now, we found that in February, youtube apparently went around disabling comments on videos with minors in them. We were not, however, a minor in this video - we were 21 years old - so if that's the "reason" youtube has disabled our comments on here, then it is an invalid one.


Update (11/20/19):

We got a message from Youtube saying we had to do something in the Youtube Studio app relating to a new policy of theirs. We had never used the app before, but upon downloading it we discovered that we could turn the comments back on for this video. It says the number of comments is 30, which is strange since there are a lot more than that, but at least the section appears to be open again.

Edit (a few min. later): now it says 4,889.


Update (11/22/19):

In order to honor ourselves and our non-binary gender, we are going back to our former front name Dylan - https://youtu.be/RgTi07WrOH4

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